Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catholic Universities Must Be Progressive Jugglers - Not Bastions of Faith and Learning

Perpetually grinning and passive aggressive propagandist Carol Marin oozes more useless stuff than a tube of German Cheese paste. Ever taste that stuff? It would gag a maggot.

Carol made her bones on the lives of Mary and Chris Fogarty whom she blamed for the Langert Murders as a Septuagenarian I.R.A. hit team* - way back in 1995. Carol has never admitted her stupidity, nor her part in making life a Kafkaesque hell** for the couple. Carol cares not.

Nor does Carol care much about anything. Today, she positions herself for an Obama dog-yummy for a preen piece about the idiotic and gutless invitation to America's Abortionist in Chief - President Barack Obama - as Commencement Speaker.

Carol parses Catholic Doctrine, because the Bishop of Fort Wayne has already taken the proper position. Carol Marin's smarmy parsing is for Obamabots and Catholic haters -The Sun Times Demographic. Using the already un-Catholic DePaul University, which struck its colors decades ago, Marin tries to ooze out some nuance by citing one of the gutless trimmers who directed DePaul's surrender -

The Notre Dame decision once again raises the question of whether a Catholic university must be Catholic first and a university second.

In Chicago, this is not a new discussion, as Dick Meister, the former provost of DePaul University --the nation's largest Catholic university -- knows firsthand.

In 1986, Eleanor Smeal, then-president of the National Organization for Women, was invited to speak by the DePaul Student Affairs Office. Protests, petitions, threats and demonstrations all arrived at DePaul's doorstep, and Meister's boss, the president of the university, withdrew the invitation under pressure.

A counterprotest, led in part by Meister's undergrad son, Christopher, argued that the mission of a university is to hear all voices -- not condone them necessarily -- but hear them.

Dick Meister's job was to find a middle ground. That turned out to be an off-site location where Smeal could speak -- but not as an official guest of the university.

"It was a juggle," Meister recalled by phone last week.

Carol Marin argues that Notre Dame is testing its strength, by 'juggling.' That test was failed mightily when President Father Jenkins caved in to PC Ass-kissing by inviting President Obama.

Catholic Universities need to grow a pair - Loyola, DePaul, and Notre Dame have all run up the white flag and jettisoned courage and commitment. The Green checked pants crowd needs to snap shut a few check books to get the milquetoast pansies in stiff collars to man up. As for my life-long attention to Notre Dame and its once important mystique? I'd rather watch or read about Zanfir the Master of the Pan Flute.

Tommy Zbikowski is graduated, playing for the Ravens and Boxing Pro! I'm done with ND - Charlie Weiss is bad enough, but a School playind at being a Catholic Institution is childish. Tommy Z is still the Man and ND are the . . .Eunuchs.

You are known by the company you keep. You can have Carol Marin and our so-called Catholic Universities. No Guts - No Glory. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam my broad manly ass.


Seven weeks later on April 21, 1990, in Winnetka, Richard and Nancy Langert and their unborn child were murdered in their townhouse. (Appendix A) Nancy knew her murderer, sixteen-year-old neighbor David Biro. The families were friends; their fathers had been co-workers. While falling to the floor in her basement, shot twice, Nancy knocked down a bookshelf. Her handcuffed husband was already dead. As she lay dying she dipped her fingers into her pooling blood and on that shelf wrote her murderer’s name.

The next morning Nancy’s father discovered the bodies. The police arrived and then assembled at the police station across the Metra bridge from the murder scene. There each officer wrote names of possible suspects on index cards. Upon inspection, the cards contained only one name, “Biro,” and that was before the message on the shelf was noticed. Biro was a disturbed 16-year-old with a police record, and officer Caldwell had seen him near the crime scene at about 9 p.m. on the night of the murders. Biro had expressed his ambition to become a professional hit man. He had a lawyer defending him in two cases of shooting persons with his BB gun, and he had poisoned the milk in his family’s refrigerator. Biro’s sartorial statement was his long black overcoat. About the time of the murders, a thin young man in a long black overcoat had purchased two pairs of handcuffs at the local hardware store and was observed testing them before departing. Biro had fraudulently applied for an Illinois Firearms Owner I.D. but his mother intercepted it when it arrived in the mail. From Biro’s bedroom window his victims’ house is within view, and the Winnetka police station is midway between them. Despite all this, on April 23 Carol Marin reported on prime-time network TV that the IRA was linked to the murders.
Biro murdered the Langerts on April 21 but aided by such allies he remained at large until October 5, when the Winnetka police arrested him. His friends told the police of his next plan which was to rob the local bank and murder its entire staff. In Biro’s bedroom the police found FBI agent Lewis’s 357 Magnum, the murder weapon. Despite agent Buckley’s insistence (until the police arrested Biro) that Nancy’s bloody message spelled “IRA,” the jurors were eventually quoted as saying that it was those same letters that convinced them. They convicted Biro of two counts of murder, one of Class X home invasion, and one of intentional homicide of an unborn child. He is in downstate Pontiac serving a life sentence without possibility of parole. I am grateful to Biro.

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