Monday, March 23, 2009

Cops Face Grenades - Real and Fake - Journalists are Not Worried.

Police officers face mortal danger every day. They signed up for that.

They must also deal with a Media, law suit lawyers and elected officials.

Now they are facing hand grenades. This moring it was reported that a fake grenade was tossed at police officers in Roseland.

CHICAGO - Chicago police say they have been questioning a man who reportedly tossed a fake grenade during a foot chase in the Roseland neighborhood on the city's far South Side.

The incident occurred late Sunday morning when officers responded to a call of a person with a gun near East 107th Street and South Wentworth Avenue. Police say the officers located the suspect, who attempted to flee on foot.

During the chase, the suspect reportedly tossed what appeared to be a grenade. Officers notified the Chicago Fire Department and the police Bomb & Arson Section and then captured the suspect, police said. No gun was ever found on the man.

Bomb & Arson investigators determined the thrown object was a fake and was not a threat

What then, Mr. NewsHound, is a Threat? The threat of a grenade is real Agenda Stooge Reporters are Unreal

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