Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Does Such a Dip-Wad Get Such a Great Lawyer? Terry Gillespie The Real Deal

I wouldn't cross the street to even 'notice' let alone talk with, meet, engage, experience or stand in proximity to Rod Blagojevich. In fact, I found the now . . .well, he is shameless and on WLS tomorrow and so I guess that rules out Disgraced. . .out of Office Rod Blagojevich, to be completely repellent years ago.

He reminds me of the bust-out drunks who 'happen' while you have been enjoying a polite and thoughtful symposium among better people at Keegan's Pub - a pest who can not stop talking while saying absolutely nothing.

Blagojevich has always had the reputation among political pros in the 19th Ward as a 'Gate-Crasher.' In fact I witnessed one his more obnoxious apparitions about ten or twelve years ago. Que Payaso! N.B. Good word used it twice today - H/T J.C. Gutierrez.

Blago has just scored one of my favorite Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chicagoland Terry Gillespie. I always felt that Blago was right at home with Ed Genson, who oozes all the charm of G. Flint Taylor.

Terry Gillespie, like Joe Powers, Tom Durkin, Bob Clifford, and the great Mike Monico, is a legal genius and a genuinely likable guy. Funny as hell as well!

Blago is going to shoot manure like a broken Kohler toilet and much of what hits the fan will stick to many Illinois Political Players.

With Terry Gillespie around at least I will not need to listen to Milorod.

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