Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nick Sarkozy - The Guy from Hegewish Has Got That Right - The Anglo Saxons Like to Tax People To Death!

A group of Celts bury a pal who was taxed to death by the Saxons. 'Here, Cairbre ( strong man in Irish) we'll toss your Chevy in with you as you paid full sticker price and plates are paid up, so! God be kind to Ye!'

France will not accept a G20 that produces a “false success with language that sounds good but contains no commitments”, his advisers said.

Asked if this meant a possible walk-out, Xavier Musca, Mr Sarkozy’s deputy chief of staff for economic affairs, said: “A basic rule with nuclear deterrence is that you do not say at what point you will use the weapon.”

The French threat dramatically raised the temperature hours before President Obama arrives in London today. If carried through, it would ruin a summit for which Mr Brown and Mr Obama have high ambitions, believing it vital to international recovery.
Mr Sarkozy, who blames the “Anglo-Saxons” for causing the economic crisis, told his ministers last week that he would leave Mr Brown’s summit “if it does not work out”.

A deal to tighten regulation will be one of the key features of the G20 accord but France wants a global financial regulator, an idea fiercely opposed by the United States and Britain. Mr Brown has described the notion as ridiculous.

The French and Irish and the Spanish and the Scots are cousins - Celts. The English, and some of the Germans and their Scandanavian Brethren are cousins - Saxons.

Saxons like to tax. The Taxin' Saxons!

Celts like to trade.

Nick Sarkozy is my kind of guy! He reminds me of the tough Croatians and Serbs over in Hegewish in Eddie Vrdolyak land of the 10th Ward. They like to keep a few nickels after pay day. A hell of a Magyar That Guy! Sarkozy represents a Celtic Nation . . .that celebrates Diversity and cuddles inclusion. The Gauls or as we South Siders might say 'De Gaulles' like their freedom and have a history of expressing their dissatisfaction in the most dramatic manner. That public single edge that got the attention of Charles Dickens' readers says a bunch.

Saxons - WASPS and their political proteges including the Irish Duffii, who believe that they can sanitize their Celtic Heritage turning all Pat Quinn 50% Tax More Progressive, love to Tax and allow Government to Lead the lives of people.

Down the Sassenach*! Up the Celt!

Give me that Celtic Freedom! Cue Mel Gibson! 'Mel - all the drunk anti-Semitic stuff - launch it! Go; get on your Braveheart rags - You're Playing President Nick Sarkozy!!!! Freeedom, Baby!'

Sassenach is a word used chiefly by the Scots to designate an Englishman. It derives from the Scottish Gaelic Sasunnach meaning, originally, "Saxon", from the Latin "Saxones"; it was also formerly applied by Highlanders to (non-Gaelic-speaking) Lowlanders[1]. As employed by Scots or Scottish English-speakers today it is usually used in jest, as a (friendly) term of abuse. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) gives 1771 as the date of the earliest written use of the word in English.

Sasanach, the Irish-language word for an Englishman, has the same derivation, as do the words used in Welsh to describe the English people (Saeson, sing. Sais) and the language and things English in general: Saesneg and Seisnig. These words are normally, however, used only in the Irish and Welsh languages themselves.

Cornish also terms English Sawsnek from the same derivation. Some Cornish were known to use the expression 'Meea navidna cowza sawzneck!' to feign ignorance of the English language.[2]

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