Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Give Blago All The Dead Air Time He Deserves - Don't Call; Don't Listen; Don't Encourage More!

Blago got two terms as Governor of Illinois -that was not enough.

Blago shook down Illinois - not enough.

Blago went on National TV - not enough

Blago got a book deal - not enough

Blago got WLS to hand over Air-time - That is about enough.

This from Fox Television on December 9th was enough for me.

Fitzgerald said Blagojevich was recorded in wiretaps as saying, "Fire all those 'bleeping' people, get them the bleep out of there and get us some support."

The prosecutor also cited another instance in which Blagojevich allegedly said he wanted to pull back $8 million in funding from the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago because he did not receive a $50,000 personal contribution he had wanted from the hospital.

Blago shook down the hospital where my cousin's little boy Paddy had 20 + brain surgeries.

That little guy Paddy has had enough.

Click my post title for Fitzgerald's news conference on Dec. 9th, if you feel complelled to tune in to WLS and Blag. Wait until 9AM.

Haven't you had enough of Blago?


Tamara said...

All "feelings" about Blago aside, Pat Hickey, and what are we left with? Probably nothing but a whole lotta hot air. No, I am not defending him, let me be clear about that.

We are coming up on the EXTENDED deadline for Fitzgerald to OFFICIALLY CHARGE Blago and I'm wondering: what's the holdup?!?

Remember, Fitzgerald said the charges against Blago were so severe they would "make Lincoln roll over in his grave."

But, since that statement, no official charges have been filed and all this time has passed. I suspect the charges against Blago are going to be trumped up. When I say "trumped up" I am not defending him. But I think that the U.S. Attorney really jumped the gun and arrested Blago a bit too soon. (They should have waited for the money to exchange hands.)

What did he really do that was so illegal? He may have WANTED TO OR DESIRED TO sell the Obama Senate seat but conversations with multiple F-BOMBS about that desire are not enough to charge him with a crime. Remember "ATTEMPT" requires a SUBSTANTIAL STEP to be taken and it wasn't!

Agreed that Blago is outta control BUT is he a criminal? My bet is NO - he's a wannabe criminal at best.

We shall see...

pathickey said...

Miss Holder,

I believe that you are absolutely correct and I posted to say so - and also to take some rocks and mule muffins for my public mistreatment of you in my rants - I think Fitzy pulled the trigger on this one either to help a whispering voice from the New White House or just way too soon.

You are correct.

BTW - you should understand that south siders like me -'Feelings Aside' -take the weather personally. I am totally DELIGHTED!!!!! with this mornings heavy wet March 29th offerings took thirty minutes to get to Mass this morning - nice spiritual state I was in - '$%^&*ing Snow!!!!!!!!! God, YOu $%%%& Son of %$^%&^%&^! I swear I will kick t=your #$$ when Gabriel blwos that $%%^&^*ing trumpet!'