Saturday, March 07, 2009

CPD Officer Tim Gould: "I ain't no hero. . . . I swear on my dad's grave that I do not think I am a hero," the South Chicago District officer said.

These are the men and women that oily louses like Flint Taylor and Jon Loevy ( just my un-nuanced opinion there, Mr. John Q. Public) work the Media and the courts to vilify as racist monsters.

Advocacy politics and law requires monsters. These fictional Monsters make money for the bottom feeding G. Flint Taylors and Jon Loevys who keep the Media fueled with stories and allegations about systemic police misconduct. They take the Progressive re-write of history as context - you know the one - where Jane Addams did more for poor immigrants than the Daughters of Charity or the Democratic Ward Bosses Jane was there, but heavy lifting was done by nuns and saloon keepers - and create Media Monsters who eat black people and pocket millions of dollars. The Media Divas eat it up. Media Divas are reporters or news readers who believe that they are public persons - celebrities.

Media Divas, like Mark Brown, Frank Main, Andy Shaw, and the howlingly funny and obnoxious old Walter Jacobson hate cops, because cops are infinitely smarter than them and almost to a man and woman, better persons than the Media Diva. The Media Divas get told that they are not really all that smart by homicide, burglary, vice and gang detectives - Ouch. Ouuuuuch!

I watch police officers every day, from 6 Am until sometimes very late at night over near Halsted on 79th Street. I never see Jon Loevy or G. Flint or Mark Brown or Locke Bowman on 79th Street - that is where the gun violence always seem to take place. Aside from the West Side, you can almost always be assured that address of the 'tragic' events reads something like 77%% S. Emerald; 84%% S. Racine: 9%$ W. 79th Street; 83&* S. Sangamon.

Police officers are there, taking the bullets and most of all the abuse from a public poisoned by the press and sickened by the lawsuit addictions of Marxist lawyers.

Officer Timothy Gould is the officer I am most familiar with over in the 6th District and he's sometimes a Woman, like the Romanian Officer with the sandy pony-tail ( she was a knock-out), or more often Black, Irish, Croatian, Italian, Polish, Mexican and even occasionally a Korean male.

They are heroic and professional.

This is what they do,

Gould then heard somebody screaming for help in the back of the building.

"I ran around back and knocked out the back window," Gould said. "I couldn't reach [inside the window] because the window was about eight or nine feet high, so I got a chair. I jumped on the chair, used my flash light and started hollering, 'Where you at?'"

Gould battled the smoke, crawled halfway into the window and finally was able to grab the man's arm.

"I felt his arm and I pulled him and got him to the window," Gould said. "I turned around and said, 'get on my back' and jumped off the chair and got him to the ground."

They are heroes. G. Flint Taylor and Jon Loevy and Locke Bowman are , as far as I can tell, water-bugs at best. The Media loves water-bugs, I guess.

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