Sunday, March 15, 2009

Embryonic Stem Cells Come from Dead Kids - End of Story

President Obama's stem-cell policy "one of those definitional 'change we can believe in' moments," said John Nichols in The Nation. By reversing George W. Bush's ban on federal funding for research using new embryonic stem-cell lines, Obama is making it clear that "science and morality can mix."

No, he's showing that science and politics can mix, said Robert P. George and Eric Cohen in The Wall Street Journal. "Bush's policy was one of moderation," because it permitted the science to continue without encouraging the destruction of human embryos. Obama is pretending to be calm and moderate while advancing radical policies that "will promote a whole new industry of embryo creation and destruction," funded by taxpayers.

"If you support this research, congratulations: You won," said William Saletan in Slate. But, remember, this wasn't a fight between ideology and science. "It was a fight between 5-day-olds and 50-year-olds." If you ignore the losing side's main point -- that "embryos are the beginnings of people" -- you could win the stem-cell debate but lose your soul.

The Gals of Planned Parenthood and the Geldings who play ball with them might opine -

'Can you weigh a soul? Can a Soul get reservations at Spiaggia? Soul? Oh, I'm voting for the Soul.'

Planned Parenthood needs a win. They had a huge political one in November with the election of President Obama, for whom Planned Parenthood the scions of Eugenics Warrior Princess Margaret Sanger spent millions of dollars to support.

Anyone can get elected, really. I'm from Illinois and we twice elected the Klepto-Governor Rod Blagojevich, who begat Senator Roland Burris, poster boy for political opportunism, who begat more nonsense than a Stooge-athon on Cable. All that politics requires is sticking to the crafted script, having willing idiots like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Butch Maddow in your hip pocket to to vilify any and all opposition, and keeping the cat hair off of your top coat.

Planned Parenthood needs a philosophical win based upon the tactical application of science which uses numbers, graphs, charts and nuance
over morals and ethics that employs unmeasurables - human understanding, honesty, and good will, for the most part. The Politics of ABORTION allows Obama and Planned Parenthood to sacrifice infants on the altar of 'Research.' Just gush out 'Research will save lives and end disease' and gutless nitwits and bumper sticker junkies will nod with solemn conviction. Oppose the Abortion Industry (PP, Abortion Docs, DNC, MSNBC, Cell Research Companies, Agit-Prop Progressives & etc.) position and get called evil Mormons, close-knit ethnic Catholics Bigots, or Rural Religious Reactionary Rubes, like in the nuance Gay Debates in California. BTW - they ( The Gay Agit-Propers) conveniently forget the African American Churches in the vilification process in the Gay Debate, because they need some black coalition building once Jesse Jackson and Al Sahrapton bite off their morditas.

Stem Cell research demands that infants die - be murdered. Nuanced Abortion Rhetoric allows Planned Parenthood to euphemize euthanizing people - like 'partial birth abortion' which means jamming a probe into the skull of a full-term baby and then yanking the dead little critter out with a forceps.

Jesus, Can you imagine dating some Planned Parenthood harpy? Ilsa of the SS and Penelope of Planned Parenthood have about the same cache.

President Obama is scripted on the wrong side of this debate. He will come out looking like more of an opportunistic dope than some Hitlerian monster - that job's taken. President Obama's strident triumph of the will - 'science over morality' dodge will make him look dumber than Rod Blagojevich with a hangover.

I like this gent's point of view.

It was a fight between 5-day-olds and 50-year-olds." If you ignore the losing side's main point -- that "embryos are the beginnings of people" -- you could win the stem-cell debate but lose your soul.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research comes from Dead Kids - End of Story.

I expect not.


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Max Weismann said...

1) All human beings are persons and only human beings are persons.

2) The commonsense view is that human life (personhood) begins at the beginning -- inception/conception (successful fertilization).

3) Unique potentialities distinguish human life from all other (known) life forms.

4) These potentialities are innate. They are not acquired at any point or stage during the development or actualization process. The nucleus has everything it will ever have. In this sense, nothing new is acquired. For example, the incipient organism has the potential to think, see and play tennis long before it has a brain, eyes, arms and legs (or even a racket). These potentialities differ in capacity from individual to individual, and become actualized (or do not) in varying degrees and time frames until death.

Those who do not understand or hold with this view, are generally considering only the physical properties or characteristics and their manifestations in human development, whilst completely (it seems) ignoring the metaphysical aspects. I submit that all such views are untenable.

Max Weismann

phyl said...

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Lyn said...

The underlying theme here - as in most Obama decisions - is that Obama is going to do whatever he wants to fulfill his vision for America. As for upsetting the majority of Americans - you know those Christian people who work and pay taxes - the majority of people already voted for Obama. He no longer needs them.

I am offended by Obama and his hypocrisy. As he signed this stem cell fraud he took a crack at former Pres. Bush with a comment about science can now be about facts and not about ideology. What a snub. Obama is a cheap political opportunist who is wrecking America's economy and culture.

April said...

It isn't a matter of killing the embryos. The embryos are going to die in most cases, being lableed as excess in most in-virtro fertilization clinics. So we have two options here..."discard" the embryos, or use them to cure people with diseases. For example, many people wait for years to get good organs such as kidneys. If someone dies and happens to be an organ donor, maybe they get lucky...more often than not they don't because the organs are not compatible with his/her body. Why not use embryonic stem cells to help sure those people who are locked up in a hospital room waiting, wondering if they are going to die. ESPECIALLY when the cells are just going to essentially get thrown out anyway.

Anonymous said...

You, my friend, are a raving moron. Stem Cells do NOT come from "dead kids" and stem cell research does NOT require that "infants die"

Stem cells are taken from fertilized embryos which have not been implanted in a woman's uterus, which means that they CANNOT LIVE. Stem cells comr from embryos that have a 0.000% chance of EVER becoming a human being.

Its the rediculous christian right and other assorted ignorant conservatives like yourself that hold this country back and have made simple and logical decisions like allowing gay marriage into controversial issues.

pathickey said...

Raving? Really.

However like most zelots you are wrong - loud to be sure - tiresome, of course but wrong.

Stem cells come from Dead Kids and only in 1993 was Clinton forced to slow the process - now again accelerated under Planned Parenthood's recently purchased President.


In 1993, President Clinton banned federally funded research on stem cells and now President Bush has promised that he’ll “not support research from aborted fetuses.”2 Many fear that a lack of federal funding will slow research.

The government’s position reflects the views by others who oppose stem cell research. For example:

Religious groups and some politicians believe that it’s unethical to harvest these cells because they believe it destroys the embryo.
One Kansas senator went as far as to say that it’s “Nazism,” saying it’s “illegal, immoral, and unnecessary.”3
Some religious groups also believe that “you are getting in the way of God’s work.”3
These arguments are only the beginning. There are many more, some of which may cause you to think twice about the issue. It is because of this opposition that this fairly new, revolutionary research has been slowed to less than a crawl.

loviegee said...

Lets set the record straight here. There are different types of Stem Cells, such as Blood Stem cells etc. etc. Only EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS come from the embryo (babies). I hope I have cleared up some of the ignorance/misunderstandings.