Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two Faced Illinois Government Always Has the Same Expression

 U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakoswky called President Trump's refugee ban un-American and called for protests to continue.
Clenched teeth, bitten Botox and Vapid Eyes!

The Face of Illinois government at the local, County, State and Federal level.  Here sit U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and  Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a duo capable of emitting a sound, but absolutely no sense.

Durbin cheered on protests as O’Hare International Airport and airports across the country and said Trump’s statements that Christian refugees would be prioritized over people of other religions flies in the face of who we are as Americans.
“To make religion a standard for accepting people to this country is totally inconsistent with our Constitution,” Durbin said. “When you take seven countries that are overwhelmingly Muslim populations and you add to it a statement from President Trump that we’ve got to show favoritism to bringing in Christians, he has injected religion into this. That is unfortunate and un-American.”
Any Dora the Explorer graduate knows that our world is really, really, really dangerous and chock full of Isis(l) terrorists who live no where near Rolling Prairie, Indiana, but demand a Caliphate ( that's a Government run out interpretations from the Qurran) right there, as well as in the Levant and points east.

Dick Durbin knows what others tell him.  Jan Schakowsky has things explained to her as well.

.@janschakowsky begins remarks with "Welcome to the resistance!"
6:26 PM - 29 Jan 2017

The Resistance used a capital R, Jan.  It was also known as Lesni. You see the Poles laid the tracks for people to fight geniune totalitarians, but when Hitler was finished with them thanks to Joe Stalin's long wait outside of Warsaw, the Reds polished off the last vestiges of democrarcy in the sad land for forty years.
Man where is an Ed Schultz when you need one?

Donald Trump is Orange.  He seems obnoxious, boorish to the point of being a lout, but that is only from the television.  So, far things are taking shape and clowns are protesting quicker than Johnny Strabler.  Man where is an Ed Schultz when you need one?

Durbin and Weepy Chuck Schumer play to camera's, because the camera's hate the Orange One.

I get it.

What I do not understand is how Illinois, a State that has the nicest people, the best county fairs, the prettiest gals, the toughest wrestlers and the prettiest strip mines in the nation manages to elect and re-elect, the most two-faced, slack-jawed, drooling, mealy-mouthed, kelptomanical collection of fawning bootlicking functionaries in America.

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