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12 Years is all that is Required to Examine Obama's Presidency and You Thought Getting His College Records was Tough

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By late morning Tuesday, Chicago seemed to have been taken captive – albeit willingly – by plans for an enormous election party in the city’s front yard, Grant Park, where Senator Barack Obama, would spend election night. Monica Davey reported throughout the day from park. By the time of Mr. Obama’s victory speech, according to city officials, an estimated 240,000 people had gathered in the park and its surrounding streets.  New York Times November 5, 2008
 But consider, too, the intangibles of his legacy, things that Chicagoans share and will pass on about Obama to our next generation because we were there from the start.
No matter our political ideology, race, gender, religion or income, we have a story to tell. We were there when a state senator from Hyde Park with a funny name catapulted from Springfield to the White House — with a brief stop in the U.S. Senate — all in the span of about four years.
A Chicagoan broke a racial barrier and became the nation’s first African-American president. And then he won a second term, running both national campaigns from headquarters in downtown Chicago.
We can’t sugarcoat this: Chicago has been grappling with persistent problems with violence these years while Obama has been in the White House. The city’s longstanding, race-related problems and festering issues with the police department did not vanish just because Obama was the president. There were 780 murders in Chicago in 2016.
That doesn’t diminish the fact, though, that Obama is “indelibly in the fabric of Chicago, the history of Chicago,” said Bill Daley, a former Obama White House chief of staff who is part of Chicago history himself as the son and brother of Chicago mayors. " He Made us all proud"  Lynn Sweet
Chicago Sun Times January 8, 2017
Sorry, Lynn. Just not seeing it.

President Obama's Legacy is vanishing.  Not because of Trump, or Republicans, but because of the very thin-skinned and prickly man himself.

His last days in Office have been tantrums, terrorist releases, land grabs and brag fests to his pet media lap-dogs, like Carol Marin and other sycophants.

He believes that if you want to know about him, ask Hollywood, watch South Side With You  and the up-coming box-office stinker Barry, ironically about top-secret college days.

The genuine man, the man I have met, spoken with and remain thoroughly underwhelmed by, is pretty much the man I refused to cast a vote for in 2008 and 2012 - a thin-skinned, prickly, egoist with a genuine lack of gravity, substance and people skills. I found him to be rather a dim bulb, as well. That's just me.

His term of office never let me down. I had set a very low bar for him long before he announced for President.

Historians and regular people who deeply and passionately fell in love with the man image, fabricated by Valerie Jarrett, Desiree Rogers, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and the Brothers Daley between 2004-2008, remain so and may never know what happened in America for eight years. They will not be moved, but they will forget.

Obama had his college records disappeared, he had his work for Bill Ayers and the Annenberg Challenge suppressed at University of Illinois Chicago library and last July did the same for his Presidential records.

Obama ordered his Presidential Records to be suppressed for Twelve (12) Years:

The letter, released to POLITICO on Friday under the Freedom of Information Act, also indicates that Obama is exercising his rights to put many of those records off-limits for 12 years after he leaves the presidency later this month. While the move could be seen as at odds with Obama's frequently stated commitment to transparency, it's a step other recent presidents have also taken before leaving the White House.
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Well his legacy will vanish of its own accord.  Eventually the passionate people who wept real tears of joy in Grant Park  and around America on November  5th in 2008, or thousands of Chicagoans who stood in single digit Chicago arctic wind outside of McCormick Place to secure one (1) ticket to Obama's Farewell Speech tomorrow night, will wonder what exactly was it that Obama actually had done for eight years, besides, party, vacation, golf, bow, divide races, fire military leaders, bitch slap America's history and people, draw red lines and smirk.

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