Sunday, January 15, 2017

If "Shootings" Kill People, Why Are Cops The Only Ones to be Blamed for Deaths?

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Beating harms female police officer - Media nonplussed: How could such a thing occur? N.B. Thirty-one officers were shot at in 2016, a 82 percent increase over 2015 numbers, the Chicago Police Department told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Only 17 officers were shot at in 2015. Second City Cop

Nine officers reported gun-shot wounds in 2016, the CPD told The DCNF, but zero died as a result.

CHICAGO — Shootings have killed 3 people and wounded six since Friday, police said.  DNAinfo
CHICAGO ---- 4 dead, 11 wounded in city shootings  Sun Times
CHICAGO ----Man wounded in Englewood shooting  Sun Times
CHICAGO ----Chicago officer shoots man suspected of being involved in shooting  Chicago Tribune

The media is sneaky but rather obvious. Shootings just happen - you know gun violence.  Guns are not inanimate objects they are willful beings, when owned, operated, or within the proximity of a Chicago Police Officer.

The DOJ Report confirms the scripted narrative developed over thirty years for the ink slingers by the Peoples Law Office, Bernardine Dohrn, MacArthur Center for Justice, G. Flint Taylor,  Jean Maclean Snyder, Dave Protess and the Innocence Project, Northwestern Law, Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, University of Chicago, Pastor Pfleger and the Faith Community of St. Sabina, Llc., WTTW, WBEZ, Chip Mitchell, Jamie Kalvan and the Invisible Institute, and the Cook County Regular Democratic Organization.

Every newspaper and every media outlet in this dim-bulb burg of whiners and hand-wringers is wild with joy and the promise of more Hope and Change withe 'landmark, watershed' DOJ screed typed by the underlings of Loretta the Tarmac Lynch.

Please notice that shootings is a verbal - a noun: the act of shooting a firearm, bow, or the like.

Shoot is a transitive verb - blaze, bolt, burgeon, clip, fly, germinate, rise, spring, vent, whip out and requires a subject - a Police Officer, a nasty systemic racist Burge-happy, soulless, sexist, homophobic, Trumpolicious cop.

Shootings are just magically blameless.

There is only one media in this dim-bulb burg of whiners and hand-wringers. Solidarity is what it is all about. This media is told what to write and it is in complete Solidarity with the tellers.

However, there is still John Kass ( "It wasn't the Chicago cops who shaped the police culture. The political corruption and cynicism of politicians over decades in a one-party Democratic machine town shaped the culture")and citizens like you.  Let's toss back some old-timey Solidarity at them!  Buy no papers, click off WTTW, NPR, WBEZ and talk to your neighbors and the cop on the corner for news.

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