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Trump Should Ignore Inaugural Protestors, Critics, & Cry-Babies and Party Like Andy Jackson

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The true Lion of African America, Frederick Douglas once said, “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress.”  President-elect Donald Trump struggles to calm Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, Mark Ruffalo, Judd Aptow, Debra Messing and the cast of West Wing.  Looks like progress, once President 45 gets past the Inauguration.

PC and boneless carbon footprints must have their bubble wrap.  Bruce Springsteen will not play at the White House.  I am not sure that he was asked, but that's cool.

I'd be thrilled with Rick Kay and the Allnighters!

If I threw a party and the local COEXIST crank and NPR addict refused to grace my heaving board of delicacies like  " lobster de Bretagne in a sauce of lobster roe and caviar; bass with cockle jelly and a jus mariniere; Challans duck breast with seared foie gras in a bitter-chocolate and orange-powder sauce; and tarte Tatin and other French desserts, all of it served with well-chosen wines,"  I would not weep.  More for my guests, and no goof taking ziplocks home.

If the pole dancers from PoleKatz scorned my invitation to pick up a few dollars entertaining my guests on Deck Hickey, because of my forty plus years of service to inner city youth and daily Mass attendance, I'd hire Terry McEldowney and Whitey O'Day for some wholesome sing-alongs.

If you hate me, swell.  Take it on the heel and toe.  If you believe that I have 666 on my forehead and a family of five in my basement freezer, let me get you a drink . . .Six pack to go!

Why worry about who is not attending your party?

So long as dips are tasty and edible: not knocking off the caviar and boring people through a wall, all is well.

I get up a very special cherry and lime flavor of bile whenever I hear or read about some nobody vowing to avoid Trump's Inauguration, or intention to disrupt the same.  Who cares?  Do it. Keep it to yourself and do it, already.

Others are 'serious' - Reds, Anarchists, Michael 'Michigan Fats' Moore, International Solidarity Movement and Bill Moyers.  No sweat. American Reds tend to be entitled suburban sissies and homely girls who can't get a date on a bet.

Most are about as sincere in disrupting the Inauguration as they were about blowing the country ( no, I do not mean Madonna) after November 8th, 2016.

Mr. Trump responds to these silly saps with Tweets.  Why bother

At most, Mr. Trump should respond to such threats with a Tweet of thanks, "Dear Humanity for ProgressStandUS for US, Melania and I delighted that you will be unwilling to join the fun with us.  I will give your Goody bags to the homeless. Keep a good thought, if you have one.  Don"

Donald Trump should party like it's 1829!

That was the wildest party the old Executive Mansion ever tossed.  Andy Jackson had concluded an ugly, divisive and violent Presidential Campaign:
To set the scene, President Jackson had been involved in two nasty presidential campaigns against John Quincy Adams. Jackson lost the 1824 race in a runoff election in the House; he won the 1828 presidential campaign in one of the dirtiest, meanest campaigns in American history.
Both sides were ruthless in the campaign, including charges from Adams’ side (which weren’t new) about the character of Jackson’s wife, Rachel. A month after the election, Rachel Jackson died, and the president blamed his political enemies and their rumors for her death.
Jackson had a huge, popular following, and his inauguration was a sea change for American politics.
A crowd of 10,000 to 20,000 people showed up at the Capitol for the inauguration, some traveling from 500 miles away for the event. The sight stunned Washington society and Jackson’s political enemies, who already feared “mob rule” under Jackson.
The 61-year-old Jackson gave his inaugural address and promised to do the best job for the people. But the first crowd control problem happened after his speech. A cable snapped that held back the crowd in front of the president, who was on the Capitol’s steps.
His team ushered President Jackson back inside the Capitol for his own protection. But then the president mounted his own horse, and he rode through the crowd to the White House.
Another crowd was already outside and inside the mansion, as the tradition of the day made inauguration day an “open house” for the White House. In theory, anyone could show up, shake the president’s hand, and maybe have some punch and dessert.
My kind of party.  No engraved invitations, just pack the hall with happy people.

As it is, January 20th will come and go. President Trump will take office and the boneless will continue to go blue in face.

When the Party is over, get to work -there is a lot of it.

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Me?  I'll be taking in the Brother Rice v. Bishop McNamara Basketball game in Kankakee, Illinois*!

*Basketball SV @ Bishop McNamara H.S. (Frosh @ 4:15PM / Sophs. @ 5:45PM / Varsity @ 7PM)
Fri, January 20, 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Where 550 W. Brookmont Kankakee, IL 60901
Facility: Bishop McNamara H.S.  FROM: 4:15 PM  Visit for more information!

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