Saturday, January 28, 2017

Chicago Values vs. Catholic's of Catholic Chicago

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Ride the Dan Ryan into the Loop.  Look in either direction and notice the spires of scores of Catholic churches.  Take a trip up Milwaukee Avenue from Ogden on and you notice the store front hip dwarfed by the magnificence of the Polish Churches built with the pennies  of the real dreamers during the 20th Century.  Chicago is a Catholic city.  A Jewish billionaire and prominent civic minded philanthropist told me, "without the Catholic Church, Chicago would be a one-horse town and a blight on the lake."  I returned the compliment. Without large hearted Jewish givers, many Catholic schools would have closed long ago.

You would never know that to look at either Chicago newspaper. Both editorial boards detested the late Francis Cardinal George, because he stood with iron will for his faith.  Both boards seem to have adopted Blase Cardinal Cupich as a nodding media pet.

Today, neither paper on-line offers any coverage of the March on Washington by Pro Life Americans.

Yesterday, after morning Mass, I noticed bus loads of kids loading up at St. John Fisher Parish.  I know Mother McAuley has a tradition of young women marching in January for the Unborn.

Bruce Dold busies his little self slamming Trump, excoriating Chicago cops, and offering tips for LGBTQ parents -scores of them. No mention of the legion of Chicago Catholics, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Jews and Muslims marching for the unborn.

The Sun Times slams Trump, excoriates cops and continues its mission to get Chief Keef lit up.

Chicago Values are for some real creeps.

Well, off to Providence High School of some Catholic League wrestling.

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