Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Hamilton" Digs Terrorists and Media Swoons. FALN Bomber of the Schubert Gets a Front Row Seat There!

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Chicago-bred Rivera, leader of the FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation), was among the 200 people granted a pardon by President Barack Obama on Tuesday. A paramilitary organization that advocated complete independence for Puerto Rico, the FALN is said to have been responsible for more than 70 bomb attacks on U.S. targets between 1974 and 1983. Heidi Wesss Chicago Sun Times
Today, lawyers at People’s Law Office serve as legal counsel in the international campaign to free Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar L√≥pez Rivera, one the longest held political prisoners in the U.S. These same attorneys have worked for decades with international movements struggling for the release of Puerto Rican independentistas, successfully achieving Presidential pardons in 1979 and 1999. More recently, People’s Law Office represented independentista Carlos Alberto Torres, achieving his release on parole in 2010, after spending thirty years in prison. Peoples Law Office
 “I’ve got a show for him in Chicago. It’ll be my honor to play Hamilton the night he goes.”   Hamilton Star and FALN Progagandist Lin-Manuel Miranda Sun Times

Any further evidence that the American News Media needs a trip to the proctologist for a serious cranial removal is completely unnecessary.

Weidy Weiss gushes over Lame Malard Barack Obama's debt to the Peoples Law Office duly paid: the commutation of an FALN Chicago homie with more than 70 bombings under his grandfatherly belt.

The FALN were G. Flint Taylor's salad days, following the Black Panther Shooting.  Not only that G. Flint Taylor the man most responsible for Chicago's Ferguson Effect and Thug Comfort Zone also was treated to the release of a GD warlord*in Obama's farewell goody-bag. However, it is Hamilton's Huzzah and the media's idiotic delight that really hits home,

"As soon as the news that Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera’s sentence was commuted reached Lin-Manuel Miranda, the “Hamilton” creator tweeted that he was “sobbing with gratitude.” And he added that, as a result, he plans to play Alexander Hamilton at a Chicago performance for Lopez Rivera.
“I wish I was with everyone in Chicago right now,” tweeted Miranda, who, as a child, spent many summers with his grandparents on Puerto Rico."
Gee, Imagine the sheer delight of Ethyl Merman when President Harry S Truman commuted the death sentences of the two Puerto Rican gunmen who attempted to kill him on November 1, 1950?

'Give'em Hell' Harry allowed these two freedom fighters to dangle for life, rather than meet Mr. Sparky.

Short memories, thin frames of reference and a daily gorging of bullshit from our American news media explain plenty.  No wonder hip-hop Hamilton is a hit.   It's the bomb!

By the way, Oscar Lopez Rivera bombed the Schubert Theatre here in Chicago, Lin.

*In other action by the president, Eric “Fat Eric” Wilson, a former “governor” in Gangster Disciples kingpin Larry Hoover’s drug empire, won a commutation. Obama reduced Wilson’s life sentence to 35 years in prison. Wilson, 47, is being held in the federal prison in downstate Pekin and is expected to get out in about 7 years.
After a high-profile federal trial in Chicago, Wilson and six other ranking members of the Gangster Disciples — and a former female Chicago Police gang-crimes officer — were convicted of engaging in a drug conspiracy. Wilson was sentenced on March 10, 1998, records show.
Hoover is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison in Colorado. But he was allegedly running a drug empire from state prison in Illinois in the early 1990s, giving Wilson and his top gang associates orders from behind bars. The key evidence at Wilson’s trial was Hoover’s own secretly recorded words from private meetings in state prison with his trusted lieutenants.
So-called governors like Wilson were responsible for large areas of Gangster Disciples territory, with hundreds of gang members reporting to them, prosecutors said. At the time, then-Cook County State’s Attorney Jack O’Malley called the group an “evil menace to our society.”

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