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"Wow,' In Deed! Cui Bono? Jaimie Kalven's Invisible Institute

Jamie Kalven, who led the way on disclosures in the police shooting of Laquan McDonald. (Screenshot via YouTube)

In that ( a Twitter Chat with a Drug Dealer) conversation, which took place July 1, the gang member showed Gowin a video of a plainclothes officer frisking men in front of an unmarked police SUV. The gang member accused the officer of extorting “crack and cash” from the group “at least three times a week.”
“Wow,” Gowin replied. “Get his name and star number, and let me know. I will have him fired.”
When the gang member signaled that the officer’s life could be in danger, Gowin had a suggestion: “How about we work together to make this stop quick, because nobody benefits from a dead cop or a life sentence.” ( parentetical my own)   Chip Matthews WBEZ

The societal trend 2016 is persecute, prosecute and punish police officers in a very public way.  Trends shift. Bungee chord jumping has seemed to have gone from fashion.

I have never been a slave to trends, or fashion.  I wear Oxfords (shirts and shoes), well pressed comfortable slacks, good durable wool and gabardine habiliments and a healthy regard for the law and those who enforce it.

To my ironic sense of delight and well-earned layers of cynicism, I read Chip Mitchell's WBEZ report that an investigator for the Independent Police Review Authority ( Mayor Rahm's spanking new IPRA -meant to shiled him from the eyes of Obama's Justice Department) has been cashiered from the Autority to the muffled drum rolls of the Rouge's March!

A Chicago agency that looks into police misconduct has booted one of its staff attorneys over social-media use, WBEZ has learned.
The Independent Police Review Authority forced chief investigative law officer Lindsay Wilson Gowin to resign after she exchanged dozens of private Twitter messages with a user of that network who claimed to be part of a drug-dealing gang on the city’s South Side.

Chicago's Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson gets valuable police misconduct advice from arrested but-somehow- never- charged "activists with close ties to the dubious Black Lives Matter Soros network - You know 'Stare Boy ' Lamon Q. Reccord et al.; now, it appears that the Authority charged with "looking into police misconduct" looks to dope slinging thugs and their Twitter apps. - Most 2016.

This story is Irony writ large! Likewise,  In the interest of Irony - WBEZ's invitation to " Raed all of our Coverage on Commader Evans" has been withdrawn.

You see a man who happens to be a highly respected, pro-active, African American Chicago Police Commander is suing not only the IPRA and the City of Chicago ( no longer seated next to President Clinton at the DNC), but WBEZ's Chip Mitchell author of the above linked report.

This is ironic, because Commander Glenn Evans is taking all three agencies and agents to court because all three agencies and their agents formed "a civil conspiracy that led to his wrongful prosecution on criminal charges, according to court papers."

What is going on, one might ask?

One does.

Chip Mitchell makes no mention of the fact that WBEZ and his own bad self are subject to a legal butt whuppin' in a   . . .;now, get this . . . FEDERAL court of justice.

Yet, he quotes, ironically enough, the cashiered IPRA Investigator Lindsey Wilson Gowin's Twitter chat with a south side dope dealer ending with two little Latin words that sums up the War on Cops - CUI BONO! Who benefits?

“Wow,” Gowin replied. “Get his name and star number, and let me know. I will have him fired. . . . “How about we work together to make this stop quick, because nobody benefits from a dead cop or a life sentence.”


When cops get railroaded,  you know, not investigated by Internal Affairs and their Commanders, but by preachers, politicians, pettifogging Marxist lawyers, academics and judges, agenda-bound media types and mobs of street activists, Peoples Law Office, Loevy & Loevy, Richard M. Daley, Rahm Emanuel, Toni Preckwinkle, Public Television, Public Radio, Eric Zorn, Carol Marin and the Editorial Boards of both papers, but most of all the Invisible Institute of Jaimie Kalven, a whole oligarchic food chain eats steak and lobster.

Jamie Kalven has been a career "activist' and real-estate novelist.  Yep, he's wired and bullet proof.

Kalven shepherds layers of street activists and tags them journalists petted and published by Chicago's lazy lap-dog media.

Glenn Evans was pilloried by Kalven's Invisible Institute on the pages of DNAinfo after having been acquit ed of all charges and reinstated to his life's work.  The author of the article is invisible - kind of.

I learned that it was Darryl Holliday, who works for Kalven.  Read the piece. It seems, what one might say, libelous?  Mr. Holliday runs City Bureau and here is how it works:

City Bureau is structured into tiers, with reporters at all levels contributing to the journalism. The Tier 1 reporters are high school–aged students who have come to City Bureau through Free Spirit Media, a youth media group in Chicago. Tier 2 journalists are college-aged students who have a little more experience. The third tier of City Bureau is made up of early-career journalists who lead groups of reporters from the other tiers and mentor students.
City Bureau hopes that, eventually, Tier 1 participants will graduate into Tiers 2 and 3 and mentor the younger students.

Let's see, now? Dave Protess is disgraced.  So, are qualified reporters to be the New Tweedy Fagins?

Now, I wonder if Chip Mitchell is a THIRD TIER early-career journalist?

That would be ironic.

Irony!  That's what I calls it. A Bonanza!  Gold!  501(c)3 Gold all poured through the Kalven pipeline right down to WBEZ, DNAinfo, the Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune and WTTW!  With hearty hat tip to Glenn Greenwald's UK-based Guardian which has stoking the fires at Homan Square for more than year.  Lookee here.

“Nobody could have foreseen what was coming up around issues of policing in the city,” he said. “It just so happens that the city is in absolute turmoil right now. We struck at a very relevant time.”
City Bureau has also run stories with outlets, including The Guardian, DNAinfo, The Chicago Reporter, and the Chicago Reader. Those connections help set City Bureau apart from other youth media initiatives, said City Bureau education director Andrea Hart, who also runs Real Chi Youth.
The biggest initial difference is this pipeline that we have in terms of allowing young people to have direct access to resources [like The Guardian]. That’s unusual in the youth media landscape in Chicago,” she said. “We’ve had several things published, and it looks as if we’ll have several more.”
The Illinois Humanities Council has worked with City Bureau. It helped facilitate the partnership with the Invisible Institute and the community meetings that were held in neighborhoods on the South and West Sides.
City Bureau has also received a $25,000 planning grant from the McCormick Foundation to help it continue to grow and expand its offerings.
Holliday said City Bureau plans to do three sessions annually. The first launched in October and is set to finish up this month. The second runs from February to June, and there will be another, shorter session over the summer.
The next session will likely also focus on policing, but Holliday said that future sessions might tackle topics like education and housing. City Bureau also hopes to expand its selection pool to offer more students the chance to participate.  ( emphases my own)

Cui Bono?  Who benefits from the War on Cops.  Certainly not people living in Lawndale, Englewood, Austin, Gresham, Brainerd, Grand Crossing and Back of the Yards.  Certainly not the Blue Shirted heroes who never can be sure of going home at the end of the watch.

Certainly not Commander Glenn Evans.   Oh, wait a minute.  Cui bono, how ironic. 

Again, Chip Mitchell

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