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Chicago Tribune Data Under-Mines CPD

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You can't keep masses of folks in poverty, unemployment, incarceration and in communities looking like Third World Countries. The shooting, murder and disrespect of law enforcement is really not a surprise, they(the police) are the enforcer of America's injustice....but Dr. King also warned us that our fight must not be in the lowest form, using violence....WE must use our MORAL FORCE and dismantle an UNJUST AMERICA ......I understand the anger...but, VIOLENCE: whether by Police or CIVILIANS is NEVER AN ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION - Pastor Pfleger

I don’t understand how every good cop would not want a very harsh, strong police board,” Pfleger said.

Pastor Pfleger was a member of Daley's first Independent Police Review Authority and he was a on Daley's search committee that hired Jody Weiss in 2007.  The following year, Pastor Pfleger sort of disappeared when a video of his sermon at Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ went . . . viral.

Chicago's Social Justice elite managed to soldier on without Pastor Pfelger for the next eighteen months or so as the fiery and controversial media star clashed with Cardinal George.  Police continued to be undermined, smeared and second guessed in the media that was all agush for Professor Dave Protess and the Wrongful Conviction kids, but that sort of went sour as well.

More and more, calls came for private police services and a national security force as President Obama's Hope and Change Justice Departmemt helped erode confidence in policing nationwides.

I wrote this in 2009 and it has come to pass.
When all of the Horse-manure created and manufactured by bad people and promoted in Chicago's Media Community is weighed and added up -
1. Systemic Racism Get Out of Jail Free Card
2. Police Brutality 24/7
3. Community Control of Everything - thus no Consequences for Anything Crime or Vice
4. Constant Vilification of Police Officers
5. Bleeding Revenue to Lawsuit Lefty Lawyer League ( G. Flint Taylor, Jon Loevy)
6. Advocacy Politics
7. Laughingstock CPD Command

Total Comes to a Privatized Corporate Police Force. 
Since Fahey and O'Brien were murdered by the Wilson Brothers, Leftist Academics, Lawyers, Journalists and Americans who swallow anything, have orchestrated a complete undermining of any and all confidence in Law Enforcement. When Daley pulled Tisa Morris, an African American attorney, off of the responsibility of tracking CR beefs and handed the list of police officers targeted by the Lawsuit Lawyers and created a rubber stamp Board that is comprised of Police Haters, he tipped his hand. 

In 2007, Daley caved to the leftists and tossed out a tough, fair, honest and unbribe-able prosecutor that he had placed in charge of the Office of Professional Standards.  This greased the way for Pastor Pfelger's brief tenure on the newly created IPRA 

Chicago was and is on the way to the elimination of the Chicago Police Department.  It seems to me that Hillary Clinton will complete President Obama's objective of creating a National Police Force, leaving municipalities to hire "rent-a-cop" Private Security Firms, not unlike the Divvy bikes eliminating city parking and Uber taxis, destroying the cab companies.

Today the Chicago Tribune's attempt to coat-tail the success of leftist Jamie Kalvan's Invisible Institute that is on its way to becoming for police and justice, what Shakman has been for politics and government.  Good for a select few and disastrous for everyone else.

FOIA has been a goldmine for the Left and an IRS audit for everyone else.  With Freedom( for the few) of Information the media is able to data for social scientists and come with an excuse to do whatever the agenda demands.

Last month the Chicago Tribune investigative data miners plumped up a series intended to smear pork farmers and help boost pork prices. Today, the Tribune did the very same to ensure the swift demise of urban policing in Chicago.

The tone and the rhetoric of 92 deaths, 2623 bullets:Tracking Every Police Shooting, by Jennifer Smith Richards , Angela Caputo and Jason Meisner, is as set as the conclusions drawn long before the data was mined.

Every five days, on average, a Chicago police officer fired a gun at someone.
In 435 shootings over a recent six-year span, officers killed 92 people and wounded 170 others.
While a few of those incidents captured widespread attention, they occurred with such brutal regularity — and with scant information provided by police — that most have escaped public scrutiny. . . .
The Tribune's analysis showed that Chicago police are the only witnesses listed in most of the shootings, with civilian witnesses identified in just 83 of the incidents.
Alexa Van Brunt, an attorney with Northwestern University's Roderick MacArthur Justice Center, said it's often challenging to prove misconduct or a cover-up when it comes to an officer's word against that of a civilian.
"We don't have video evidence often," Van Brunt said. "And if you have police officers lying on reports, that becomes the official record."
The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times have helped create the daily blood bath that is Chicago - they have been a huge help.   In taking the side of the crusading Cadillac Commie and Buzz-cut Bolshevics of People Law Office and the Northwestern University's Bernardine Dorhn tutored journalism and legal think tanks and Centers For ( MacArthur/Blum/Wrongful) over law enforcement professionals, experienced non-partisan judges like Boyle and Egan and promoting the loud and consistent voices of  Advocacy Politics flim-flamers like Pfleger both papers succeeded in bring the City of Chicago to its daily blood bath.

The Better Government Association covers up the crimes of the powers that be and holds worker bees of the Justice System up for public lynchings. Commander Glenn Evans is one and now there are ten officers denied due process in the Laquan McDonald shooting - none of the ten pulled a trigger. The BGA has the gall to ask for people to think outside the box and throw more money at Ceasefire - the gang-bangers alumni association.

Today, the Chicago Tribune presents another data stew stirred by a pre-cast iron conclusion.

The end game is no more CPD.

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