Sunday, August 21, 2016

President Skips 2016 Water Hazzard - America the Emerging Nation

Afternoon at the Beach and Dinner Date in Edgartown
8 hours 42 sec ago
The Obama family headed to the beach on Saturday, their final full day of their Vineyard vacation.
The family arrived at a beach off Pohogonot Road in Edgartown around 1:30 p.m. After spending the afternoon at the south shore beach with friends, the First Family departed at about 5:30 p.m.
Later in the evening the President and First Lady went back to Edgartown for dinner at Chesca's on North Water street. The sidewalk outside Chesca's was blocked off with yellow tape, and the summer crowd lined the street.
Chesca's, a restaurant "marrying gourmet and comfort food on Martha's Vineyard," is owned by chefs Jo Maxwell and David Joyce. According to a meal ticket the restaurant posted on Facebook, the President's party ordered spinach salad, braised beef shortribs, and pappardelle bolognese, and creme caramel for dessert.
The couple arrived at 7:45 p.m and departed at 9:28 p.m. to head home for one last night in Chilmark.

DENHAM SPRINGS  — After floods devastated pockets of south Louisiana, mental scars are already showing on the youngest victims of a disaster that prompted more than 30,000 rescues and left an estimated 40,000 homes damaged.
Children who endured harrowing rescues are returning home to a jarring landscape that even their parents can scarcely grasp: Homes filled with ruined possessions must be quickly gutted. Damaged schools and daycare centers are closed indefinitely. Parents juggling jobs and cleanup work must also line up caretakers for their kids.

Hey, I ain't judging; I'm just saying.   I have 1st World Problems, generally of my own creation.  Yesterday. it rained like a cow peeing on a flat rock and my basement took on water, like a Nazi sub in them black and white movies.  If a neighbor's pooch cocks his leg on one of my three parkway trees, I get 'some moisture,' as the real estate agents say. So I shop Vac'd most of the afternoon and night - no big deal.

I did not toss my fists heavenward and scream, " What kind of a God would do this.?"  I am pretty centered.  I don't take Public Radio, or television seriously at all.  I don't give a hoot to listen to hours and hours of sap about emerging nations.  Ask the Olympic Committee how all of that gushy bullshite about host cities being from emerging nations.  Ask NBC about Rio?   Ask that Turkeybird Ticket Scalper Pat Hickey about the accommodations in Rio's Iron Hotel.  NPR - when a nation emerges, get back to me.

Baton Rouge, Denham Springs and Martha's Vineyard are all in a fully emerged nation that is President-ed by a South Side with You guy who wants this emerged nation to become an emerging nation - to sort of equal things out,

In an emerging nation, the Jefe, Generalismo, or Dear Leader never visits suffering people.  Emerging Nations tend to be run by war-lords and when all of the blood settles, oligarchs.  Dear Leaders do not jet down to famine relief stations, they have Khat, Coco , or betel leaf chawers armed with AK-47s and big Toyota Flat beds with heavy machine guns to do that.  Oligarchs go to hot spots, casinos, springs and The Emerson, or Graystone in L.A. to unwind.

President Obama is taking much needed vacation-time in Martha's Vineyard. Can't fault any family man for that.  Me?  I'd rather go up to New Glarus, Wisconsin.  At least he's not dragging the wife and kids around Civil War battlefields.

Hey, he plays golf; so what.  I read, or watch Maverick re-runs, or go out for a great meal with a gorgeous woman, or catch some live jazz.  Whatever floats your boat.

However, if yesterday's down-pour produced crashing waves along my window sills, I know that my Alderman Matt O'Shea ( D-19th Ward) would be in a row boat outside of my picture window.  Were he on vacation in Sisters Lakes,MI, Delavan, WI, or Flint Lake, IN ( the Irish Rivieras)Matt O'Shea would drive back to his Ward an personally see to it that the elderly, kids and the more delicate of souls were safe.

He would, and has in times of danger, personally put himself out on the line and direct the more robust of heart in salvage and rescue efforts behind the First Responders ( cops, fire fighters and EMTs) already on the job.

You see Matt O'Shea, belongs to the same political party as the President, but not of the same Progressive mindset.

President Obama is exiting the job in January.

In November, America will decide if it is becoming an emerging nation.   If it is, Matt O'Shea will have no business being Alderman of the 19th Ward.

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