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The Food Chain of Stupid - The United Nations to The Guardian to Bruce Dold to Chicago Tribune To Senator Dick Durbin

Eat What?

The United Nations the big building on the east side of Manhattan that houses scoff-laws, terrorists, slave-traders and OXFAM ninnies and has done one good thing in its existence - voted to send troops to save South Korea in 1950 - wants the globe to go Vegan.

The same global fascists who set up and remodelled the Global Warming Inquisition have succeeded in getting the Chicago Tribune's editor-in-chief to unleash hell on the Illinois pork producers.

Pork is (for the moment) the best value in the meat case. Seafood has been EPA'd off the menu. Beef is going through the rough due to feed and chicken is always under attack by Junior Upton Sinclairs.

As the scion of Vegans, I'd like to ask this, " How the Hell do you think all of the Irish got here?"

My forebears ate nothing but spud, cabbage and seaweed.  The pig went to market, as did the milk and butter from Bossie.

The Vegan life was pretty horrible; hence Paddy and Bridie buggered off to Yank Land.  If the planet goes VEGAN and famines -up, as the old planet is wont to do, where does the population get to bugger off to?  The Moon? Matt Damon would have his hands full on Mars, so real estate there would be a bitch and a half - probably as high as Streeterville.

 Meat kicked the Kaisar!  Chicago's stockyards padded the muscle on the Doughboys who took on the Hunnish kraut-eaters.

Meat is what killed Hitler, a noted non-smoking Vegan.  Meat made Sherm Lollar, Dick Butkus and Artis Gilmore.

Meat kept kids awake in CPS.

Pork is good meat.  My grandparents boiled the hell out of it in fear of 'them germs.' Today, Pig is Big and America's White Meat!  It is cheap and plentiful. Bone-in pork loin goes for $2.47 per pound and boneless pork loin at $ 3.85 per pound*.  Not bad.

To idiots, that is a real problem.  When people have cheap main course food items, idiots snatch the opportunity to change the subject.

The United Nations issued a proclamation calling upon assholes all over the globe to unite in the War on Meat.
A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change, a UN report said today.
As the global population surges towards a predicted 9.1 billion people by 2050, western tastes for diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable, says the report from United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) international panel of sustainable resource management.
It says: “Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth increasing consumption of animal products. Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products.”
Professor Edgar Hertwich, the lead author of the report, said: “Animal products cause more damage than [producing] construction minerals such as sand or cement, plastics or metals. Biomass and crops for animals are as damaging as [burning] fossil fuels.”
The recommendation follows advice last year that a vegetarian diet was better for the planet from Lord Nicholas Stern, former adviser to the Labour government on the economics of climate change. Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has also urged people to observe one meat-free day a week to curb carbon emissions.

Science!!!!!!!  Data proves. Lord Nicholas Stern demands!!!!

Bruce Dold abides.

Here is another gem of a loopy statement from The Guardian's account of the U.N. decree

Ernst von Weizsaecker, an environmental scientist who co-chaired the panel, said: “Rising affluence is triggering a shift in diets towards meat and dairy products - livestock now consumes much of the world’s crops and by inference a great deal of freshwater, fertilisers and pesticides.”

You all know that 'affluence ' is verboten and with money comes meat on thetable!!!!!!  Animals drink water! Animals eat crops!   Damn them to hell. Fertilizers! Pesticides , Oh, Judy Garland!

Almost to the U.N. squeal, the Tribune articulates its own mini-war on porcine meat. The Four Point Program by Bruce Dold's hirelings is thus:

1. The Price of Pork- Cheap meat comes at a high cost in rural Illinois
2. Pig Abuse - Pigs are raised to be slaughtered - there are no Kobe Hogs.
3. Polution - Pigs guts and poop spill into water and hogs fart up a storm
4. The Job - Farmer tells the Trib what it's like to live on a hog farm.  It ain't Chanel # 5 - No, Really.

The United Nations got the Guardian, the template for the BBC/OXFAM/Progressive World Map, to series up.  The Guardian, formerly the venerable Manchester Guardian, is the paper where  conspiracy theorist Glen Greenwald managed to snag a paycheck, and inspired budding John Reeds in Chicago to scream about Homan Square ( a place where thousands are said to be housed  and cahined in shakles awaiting police torture) and has become a Chicago group-thought touchstone for Rad Journalism.  Well, Bruce Dold is no stranger to the thoughts of others and you can bet your Aunt Delia's Hillary Pin that the U.N. decree and the Guardian advocacy sparked the Perry White commands in the Tower with all the looted stones.

Follow the food chain, Kids!

From the United Nations June 2016 Decree to go Global Vegan, to the Guardian, to Bruce Dold's tiny brainpan. to the pages of The Chicago Tribune and into the hands of the master pandering nitwit of the United States Senator Dick Durbin!

Illinois must do more to protect livestock animals from abuse and mistreatment inside the large confinement facilities where they are raised for slaughter, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin told the Tribune on Wednesday.
The Democrat from Illinois, reacting to an ongoing Tribune investigation that found Illinois officials do little to investigate worker allegations of animal cruelty inside Illinois' 900-plus hog facilities, urged more vigorous oversight by state officials and the industry.
"The mistreatment of these animals by the operators identified in the Tribune series hurts smaller farms, their employees, and the surrounding communities," Durbin said. "There's no excuse for the cruelty being reported by the Tribune. Any reports of animal cruelty should be thoroughly investigated and those operators held accountable."
The Tribune used workers' compensation claims, court records and state animal abuse reports — as well as more than a dozen on-the-record worker interviews — to document reports of abusive treatment in some leading Illinois pig confinements.

Durbin was pro-pig and is now Pro-Choice! Choose your vegetables. Durbin was Pro Life, when it was convenient and is now a pawn of Planned Parenthood.

Durbin is a national joke and he is just the right voice to thunder the will of United Nations, Bruce Dold and get pork prices to go the way of halibut, lamb chops and blood diamonds.

When something benefits people, expect the usual gang of morons to speak in step.

* at Mariano's in Evergreen Park,IL

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