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Blood on the Streets of Chicago - Everyone knows Why; No One is Telling the Truth, But The Good Police

That's right, Officer; only people in blue shirts and checker banded hats have your back.

I know many Chicago Police Officers, black, white, yellow and brown.  They are my neighbors and they protect me and the students I serve in one of Chicago's most active killing grounds: Gresham. They are brave, witty, professional and patient.  I have watched them run down streets in Gresham and Englewood towards gunfire that is never "police" shootings.  I have heard them tell about the oddities and frustrations and politics of the job with rhetorical flourishes that embarrass a Metaphysical Poet, 

I have sat with them when a young black teenager explained how the GDs, or the Stones harassed, threatened, robbed and beat them for book bags, cell hones, or change.  I have talked with them about the mistreatment meted out Daley, Aldermen, Rahm, Alderman, Jesse Jackson, Pastor Pfleger, Andy Shaw, Mark Brown, Carol Marin, Eric Zorn, Neal Steinberg, John Conroy,  Dan Placko, G. FLint Taylor, Jon Loevy, Locke Bowman, the Blum Center for Justice and MacArthur Center for Justice and they shrug and say, " They give us way too much credit for being crafty, vicious and mean. Hell we are just not that smart. Most of us went into the Service (military) and not Northwestern after Mendel, Loyola, Mount Carmel, Harper."

Then I read about the Chicago Police in the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times, watch Phil Ponce on WTTW and I ask myself, " Where are all of these racist Mymidons hiding?"

Actually, I do not really ask that question.

Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone.  It was created by Thugs, of course, but also Peoples Law Office, Bernardine Dorhn, Shasha Abramsky, G. Flint Taylor, Dave Protess, the Center for Wrongful Convictions, The Bluhm Legal Clinic, the editorial Boards of both news papers, the MacArthur Foundation, The Woods Fund, Richard M. Daley, Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago City Council, Governor Pat Quinn, the Illinois Legislature, Attorney General, Lisa Madigan and all of our social justice activists across this the town.

Jon Burge is the face of the police.  Most critics of Jon Burge were not alive during his time on the police force, but free-lance writer John Conroy married the Bernardine Dorhn narrative of Vietnam War born methods and racist methodologies to the court briefs of Peoples Law Office G. Flint Taylor back in the late 1980's.  A sexy story with a beefy red-faced cop bulldozed legal and law enforcement procedures and practises off the streets and into the court of public opinion.

Murdering Felons were all wrongfully charged, prosecuted and convicted.  Murder by arsonist, the torture and assassination of two police officers returning from the wake of a murdered rookie cop, monosyllabic psychopaths became the Hurricane Hunters and even Cliff Huckstables of Chicago.

Commander Jon Burge was never convicted of torture, but is universally accepted to be one.  He is no Alfred Dreyfus, but he did go prison for perjury via legal and rhetorical forensics , thirty years in the making. In the Chicago memory hole is the fact that Burge arrested and helped convict criminals, during Mayor Harold Washington's terms of office and they were not solely African American victims of systemic racism.  Burge was a pro-active street sweeper of thugs and became a political liability for gutless politicians.  Thug life flourished, because there are no longer consequences to anything in Urbs in Horto.

The urban life without consequences is masked with the compelling narratives,

  • systemic racism
  • a culture of police brutality
  •  the system is broken
  • cops code of silence
  • Homan Square black ops
  • police shootings
  •  gun violence
  • more money for jobs, education and 'lives turned around.' 

This morning before I went to Mass, I read Second City Cop, as is my wont.  I read this important blog, because it is much more accurate than Frank Main.

I read about the anguished words of a west side grandmother from an article in Chicago's usually very accurate DNAinfo Chicago. The anonymous police officer who blogs is a very good writer and a very fair minded person.  Like most Chicagoans, this writer of the SCC blog eschew bullshit, which is the staple of the Chicago Media and the political and social Justice classes.  I reprint the piece in full:

Boo Hoo
The neighborhood is noticing something:
Delores Coleman watched 22-year-old Irell Mitchell's life come to an abrupt end around the corner from her home Monday evening and, she said, the police came and went in 90 minutes.
"They didn't talk to anyone ... they just picked up his body and left," Coleman said. "Didn't do no investigation or nothing."
90 minutes to tag, bag and wrap up a crime scene? Well done! There should be a lot more scenes like that.
Hours later, gunmen returned to her block, firing a volley of shots that hit 10-year-old Tavon Tanner in his back while he sat with his family on their front porch. The next day he was in critical condition, with a bullet lodged in his chest.
The 3900 block of West Polk Street has been choked by violence all year, but for her part, Coleman said the twin tragedies Monday made her feel abandoned.
"It's clear the police don't give a f--- about us," she said. "They don't care. We call them, and they just ride right past us."
Well grandma, it's pretty clear that the neighborhood doesn't give a fuck about....well, pretty much anything.
Is anyone in the media asking why the 10-year-old got shot? The neighborhood knows, the detectives know, the coppers know. We've gotten a bunch of e-mail about it, and it gives lie to everything the "community" has been protesting the past few months. This wasn't a kid caught in the crossfire. But god forbid the media actually does its job, interview people, and report what is actually going on in the 'hood, especially if it runs contrary to a "police don't care" narrative.
The trouble is, it was a police sergeant who enabled that kid to even get to the hospital.
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This city needs an enema.   Chicago ain't ready to be cleansed.

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