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Global Daley - Quo Vadis, Richie?

                                         BRIDGING THE CULTURAL GAP

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary. Blaise Pascal
 DaleyTang can help you create a strategic advantage by unlocking the common barriers to success so your business thrives in international markets.

 Tur works with businesses, municipalities and government agencies throughout North America to develop strategies for competing and thriving in the global economy.  Tur supports its partners in a variety of strategic roles, including: . . .
Anyone in the third generation waiting in the wings to carry on the family franchise? Some thought that Rich Daley’s son, Patrick, with his military and business background, was the guy. In the meantime, that franchise has morphed from politics to business—business that benefits from Rich’s mayoral connections. With his father and his father’s former mayoral chief of staff, Patrick helps to run TUR Partners, which bills itself as a “global investment and advisory firm” with “dedicated practices” in the US, China and Russia. Doing business in the latter two countries may not be the best preparation for running a successful campaign for political office. Chicago Magazine

The Clinton Foundation is one of many hedge fund vaults, where mega-charities, corporations and plutocrats can suck up the wealth of the world and keep world watch cable news.

It is one vault.

The Clinton's owe quite a bit to Chicago and the Daley Family.

Post - mayoral Richie Daley is as visible as the Lucas Museum these days,

He is busy.

Not only is Richard M. Daley a 'perfesser' at University of Chicago's Harris Schoolof Business, but also a Master of the Universe 'stacker of wheat and player with railroads' and Chinese and Russian opportunities.

Such opportunities are denied to most Meteors from the great school over by IIT and big cop house, but they are wide open to Global Visionaries.

You see, Chicago and the United States of America have become Banana Republics - oligarchies. Under the globalist method wealth makes a few people very wealthy, erases the middle class and increases the number of poor people.

I think ordinary.  I wondered about this headline teaser in the Wall Street Journal, " Why did Hillary’s State Department urge U.S. investors to fund Russian research for military uses?"

Why, I wonder if Bridgeport-born globalist Richard M. Daley urgently invested the investments of TUR and Daley Tang partners in the land of Borscht and money.

When I read the Wall Street Journal article this morning, I did not immediately think of Hillary Rodham Clinton.   I thought of Richard M. Daley.  He is a globalist visionary.  In fact, this past June, one Daley's global businesses Tang Partners bought IM Global. IM Global is huge and Daley's partner Donald Tang is huge.

Donald Tang was previously chairman and CEO of Bear Stearns Asia. Following that he was founder of Daley & Tang Partners, a venture formed with former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley to facilitate cross-border transactions. TMP recently appointed veteran Chinese-American director and producer Janet Yang (executive producer on “The Joy Luck Club,” producer of “The People Vs Larry Flynt”) to a senior executive role.
The relationship with TMP is expected to provide IM Global the capacity to raise substantial further capital that will lift it beyond the ranks of leading film industry independents and site it among the league of corporate independents that includes Lionsgate, Entertainment One and Studiocanal. ( emphasis my own)

That's Hollywood Folks!  You won't see Matt Damon nailing a plateful of hash browns at Schallers Pump, but you can bet he's welcome!

Brideport was home to Lithuanian, German, Polish, Mexican, Croatian and Irish and now more Chinese.  Daley has set up opportunities for globalists, who might not live in Chinatown, or Bridgport to invest in Red China and Russia.  Russia is huge to the Daley interests.  In fact as there is Daley Tang, so too Daley TUR.

I wonder.  Will Wikileaks reveal sharp as tacks Bridgeport global ventures?

That would be extraordinary.  But,  what does that mean to an ordinary guy?

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