Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Do It Prophet?

Niebohld  Stor Drittsekk of Evanston, Illinois has take the bull by the short and curlies and pre-empted any and further discussion of the End of Days.

In response to the Mayan Calender controverse du mois,  the past Chairperson of Progressive Choices PAC, regular open mic-night dulcimer perfomer and Norwegian folk singer and Present Guidance of The New Brown Cross Services  predicted  An End to Doomsdays, subject to change and sexual preferences, on 12, 21, 2012 at 12 seconds after midnight CST.

Mr. Stor-Drittsekk, a leader in Illinois Personal PAC since its conception, was member of the famous 1960's garage band group Michael and Messengers, while he attended Winona High School in Minnesota. Curiously,  his membership in that ground-breaking hits cover band has been purged from current webites and group histories.

When questioned about his Midnight Hour prophetic pronouncement the Present Guidance, asnwered, ' I get tired of this apocalyptic wiz-bang theory of the universe.  Somebody needed to stand up and end Doomsday and I'm just the boy to do it and see it through. Vote Progressive! Can have the rest of that apple if you are not going to finish it?"

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