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Carol Marin's Controlled Damage on Anita Alvarez' 'Damage Control'

Anita Alvarez’s efforts at damage control keep generating more damage than control.. . . And I’m not referring to what sometimes appears to be her office’s excessive zeal in prosecutions of would-be critics of the criminal justice system. Like Northwestern students probing wrongful prosecutions. Or citizen watchdogs who attempt to audio-record police or public officials.  Carol Marin Goes Full-Medill on Anita Alvarez

Then of course, I must add probing wrongful prosecutions?????  Bribing is probing?
After the student paid the cabbie, the driver recorded the transaction in his log, today's filing states. Apparently suspicious that it was a drug deal or a sting, he wrote: "detective gave me 60, told me to give him 40, gave me 60... gave him change." The "him" refers to Drakes.
Seems like Professor Dave Protess and the Kids of the Innocence Project - in the zeal to free Mr. McKinney of course - engaged in a little Pay-to-Play, " "You be a Witness to Justice , Mr. Drakes, and You Keep the Change! Change You Can Believe In!". Hickey -11/10 2009: Shell Games Catches up to Professor Dave Protess - Innocence?
What to think!  Carol Marin gives Cook County States Attorney, who was punk'd by 60 Minutes and refused to lie down again with flea-bitten newsies, one of her patented 'You Go, Carol!' haymakers right in the old snot-locker! . . . Well, near her schnoz . . .within a few feet . . .nearby. . . . same Zipcode. Anyway. Carol Marin tried to drag the WLS socko-tag team of Danny Proft and Bruce Wolf into the range of her air-punches with a Marinade of scorn for this 'Alvarez Damage Control.'
What I am talking about is Alvarez’s amazing — not in a good way — interview last Wednesday on WLS-AM in which radio hosts Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft asked about the 2004 death of David Koschman, who was struck, according to police, by Richard “R.J.” Vanecko, the nephew and grandson of two mayors named Daley.
Anyone who has followed this story knows neither the Chicago Police nor the Cook County state’s attorney’s office (where, at the time, Alvarez was third in command) displayed what could be described as zeal investigating this 2004 “heater” case.
Wolf and Proft asked why it had to take 8½ years and the appointment of Special Prosecutor Dan Webb to finally charge Vanecko? . . .Police and prosecutors are not known for their politeness when it comes to charging a case. Prosecutors can override the cops and charge anyway. And police top brass can go over the head of reluctant prosecutors. . . . Any other reason there were no charges back in 2004? Alvarez’s answer to this question is much, much worse.David Koschman’s mother, she said, didn’t ask.“I feel horrible for Mrs. Koschman that she lost her only child,” said Alvarez. “It’s a tragedy. It’s horrific that she has to go through that.”
“But there was no contact with her and our office demanding this be charged,” said Alvarez.
         I can only imagine an incredulous radio audience.

Shoot, Carol, I remain credulous to that answer because Ms. Alvarez answered both Bruce and Dan (@ 14;23 on the broadcast) that from 2004 until Tim Novak ran a story on the Koschman/Vanecko Incident and Death of David Koschman in 2011there was no outrage and demands for inquiry let alone justice.  Sadness, loss, personal grief to be sure for a mother whose only child died in a senseless brawl, but from 2004-2011 there was no public outrage.  

Now, that is incredible. And so is this- Carol Marin seems to believe that it was she and not Chicago Sun Times Investigative Newsman Tim Novak exhumed the the sad story of the late David Koschman. The fact is the city's most tenacious and honest investigative pit bull Tim Novak, unearthed the saga while investigating extended and immediate Daley Family connections to sewer contracts and other things - I believe that in law that is called discover.

The booze-fueled incident, subsequent death and burial of young Mr. Koschman took place in 2004.  Tim Novak dug up the details with a request for a police report, which he received from Chicago Police Department records in 2010 - that was six years after the death and burial.

The year before, Anita Alvarez requested information of the Medill School Journalism pertaining to e-mails and notes of the students of David Protess in the McKinney wrongful conviction drama.  This caused no end of outrage from CNN who hired several of Protess' students from the very case, the Huffington Post and the connected ink-slinging hair-pins local, state and national.  They even trotted out a retired Federal Judge with a very odd CV -to accuse Cook County States Attorney Alvarez of using Gestapo tactics on poor old Dave Protess and his minions. The Headline Club of Chicago issued a scathing rebuke of Alvarez and thundered and woe-be-tied ed up a storm.

However, even Northwestern University which harbors the Medill School of Journalism and docked David Protess's dinghy for years, was forced to axe that cable and cut Professor Dave adrift.

Dave buoyed up as Chicago Innocence Project of the big NYC based Innocence Project International! Medill connects people to good paying gigs - CNN, NYT, & 60 Minutes etc. Talk about a code of silence!  They can silence Gabby Hayes and get Marcel Marceau to canary-up with that power of the media.

Carol Marin is no Medill-ian  herself- she is a U of I grad.  However, following her rather silly Jerry Springer wilderness years landed Carol a gig with 60 Minutes to hitch up with her WTTW and Sun Times and back to NBC 24/7 visibility.  Solid. (these are some cut-outs in my Anita Alvarez scrapbook). Here's a peach, from December 2, 2010 - 
One of the cottage industries that has eroded any and all faith in our Justice System is the Lawsuit Lottery. The Lawsuit Lottery was invented by radical lawyers and assaults police officers, prosecutors, judges and city, county and municipal governments in defense of convicted murderers and career criminals by tugging at the heartstrings attached to our American sense of fair play.The gambit is always the same -
         A. A murderer was convicted of a horrific crime because,
                   B. A prosecutor hid evidence in defense of Systemic Racism
C. A Corrections Official tortured, abused and denied basic civil rights to whole bunch of copyrighted Minorities -usually many black men- while they awaited trial.
D. A convicted murdered can only be freed and given Justice by kids taught by Professor Dave Protess of the Medill School of Journalism as part of the Innocence Project.
Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez smelled the same stink that many newspaper readers found wafting through their senses as the endless parade of G. Flint Taylor Burge Bonanzas and Professor Dave Protess Atticus Finch Productions blared from the front pages and spilled into the evening news shows. Now, we learn, via the e-mails that the Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez has stoically demanded that Professor Dave turn over, that Professor Dave Protess, the too much lionized leader of the Medill Innocence Project, tosses "Treats" to obtain the intended outcome of Innocence, where the Justice System had declared Guilt.No American wants an innocent man to suffer an injustice and the Hegelian Progressives use that sentiment to make millions of dollars and careers for future Katie Courics. Triple figure cab fare, a few few Iron Hotel visits by NIU college cuties . . .nothing seems too costly in the purchase of the intended outcome. That is pure John Dewey flavored Hegelianism.It seems the wheels are off of Professor Dave Protess's Snake-oil Wagon -
It sure seems to me, as one who reads the papers, listens to the news and generally remembers things, that Anita Alvarez as Cook County States Attorney incurred the Medill Media rath-universal when she dared to demand the notes and e-mails that exposed Professor Dave Protess as a hypocrite publicity hound and tweedy Fagin who trained phalanxes of journalist who embrace his ethics.

It also seems to me that a herd of practiced jackals who bound after wounded gazelle's only hardly seem worthy of emulation.   Let's try and remember that Tim Novak broke this sad saga when he was digging after connections in a family sewer scam and blood is always sexier than sewage.

Cook County States Attorney is getting hammered because she out-ed a hypocrite.  Carol Marin is only doing what Medill Industries requires and this applying Controlled Damage upon one who crossed them -Anita Alvarez.

2011 -Jan. 4: Sun-Times reporter Tim Novak requests the Chicago police reports from the Koschman investigation through the Freedom of Information Act. Source:  

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