Friday, December 07, 2012

"It's a Civil Right! Right Now!"Illinois Gay Marriage Now! A Call from a Capital Voice Piercing His Mom's Floors From the Basement Where He Lives!

The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach, and how we live." -- Jane Addams

3:26 AM: Young Corinthinian Dick of Springfield, Illinois bounds to his feet thrusting the latest polling on the artificial sweeteners effect upon the Gay Marriage Illinois Juggernaut . . . .

Look at this!  Public Policy Polling’s recent Illinois survey asked Illinoisans about gay marriage. A plurality supported itDo you think same-sex marriage should be allowed in Illinois, or not?It should …………………………………………………. 47%It should not ……………………………………………. 42%Not sure …………………………………………………. 11%
My word, "Not Sure" about what?  That You are too stupid to breathe!  Obama Won Get Over It! He's Our Gay President and what illinois is all about!  Old white people are stuck in the last century, nothing new. If I’m the Democrats, I want this on the ballot in 2014, this could be a huge boon to them. Progressives and people under 30 would be coming out to vote in higher numbers and definitely tip the scale, even if it would be a rough hear for the president’s party (which I think the House Republicans will temper down for them). I  see this as a civil rights issue. Most people in southern states wouldn’t have voted anti-slavery and I doubt women’s suffrage would have passed by popular vote.Human rights should never be dependent on popular vote or a gift from the majority to a minority.20 year olds are in favor by about 70%, according to Pew. This won’t be an issue that much longer. Particularly since the sky didn’t fall in Washington state today.I couldnt agree more on this being a Civil Rights issue! doing away with legal discrimination wasnt “popular” when it was racial, gender, etc. I hope the US Supreme court puts this issue to rest soon on a national basis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vocem  Mater -"Dickie?????  Dickie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Richard, you answer me!!!!!!!!!!"

Corinthian Dick - "What!!!!!!!!"

Vocem Mater - " To Whom are you shouting and what about?"

Corinthian Dick - " No one!  God!!!!!!!!  Nothing, go to sleep!!!"

Vocem Mater - " It is three A.M. and you are still crafting and reading your polemics! Turn off that damn laptop! Now!  I have to be at the Schnuck's in three hours!"

Corinthian Dick -" Is it my problem that you have a low-end job?  You should have gone to Oberlin like me."

Vocem Mater -" You were there for six years!  It killed your father.  All you ever seemed to do was watch movies about JFK, or the California Raisins."

Corinthian Dick - " I hold the only BS  Le genere film étrange, l'inquiétant et politique de confrontation 
in this stupid town."

Vocem Mater "Won't get you dock spot at Tenney Food Sales! Burston Marsteller, your comic book store buddy, is a  shift boss at Tenney's maybe you could . . . ."

Corinthian Dick- " . . .waste a life like you and your spouse?"

Vocem Mater - "I wish you'd date some nice girl, get a job, and stop watching TIVOs of Rachel Maddow all day. You have been in this basement since 1993!  I have just about had enough!"

Corinthian Dick - "Go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . You MUST be up for  Schnucks in two and a half hours! Stupid cow.  Didn't even vote. . . . . Oh. Mom were outta White Cheddar SmartFood popcorn  get three bags Burston says they are on sale at Schnucks!"

(Pregnant Pause) 
Vocem Mater - " Why wouldn't I just get four bags. . . ."

Corinthian Dick - " God, Yes! Get four get six!!!!! Just don't forget!"

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