Thursday, December 06, 2012

Rahm and the Professors -A Mayor and the Napoleons of Crime

The law professors, Craig Futterman of the University of Chicago and Locke Bowman of Northwestern, both have brought numerous misconduct cases against the Police Department during their careers. Futterman currently represents clients in a suit related to the department’s defunct Special Operations Section, and has said the code of silence judgment could aid his case.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has taken two good steps toward yanking the string on the Gordian knot that is Chicago's hairball - the Progressive University/Media/Lawsuit Lotto Machine.  This Machine makes the one begun by  gambler Michael Cassius McDonald ( burried in the 19th Ward's Mount Olivet Cemetery) and developed by Aldermen Bathhouse John, Jonny De Pow, and Hinky Dink seem fresher smelling than Andy Shaw's skivvies at the end of the month.

Now, our Progressive political Machine holds that convicted murderers are only prison because of a red-headed Dutch cop who used mythical torture devices on the appendages universal of Honors Students Turning Their Young Lives Around, Breeders are evil carbon foot print step dancers and Terry Cosgrove is Dr. Martin Luther King, Good Jews Hate Israel, Good Catholics is an oxymoron,  Asian Carp have more rights than unborn child, Chick Fil-Ay is Bull Connors, Forrest Claypool can hold down a job and Toni Preckwinkle's boy Kyle is just a sterling youth.

Mayor Emanuel took the smart step to 'encourage' the tiny Polish bartender to reconsider her settlement with the option to poop-can the Code of Silence gambit that stands to make millions for the Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers ( Loevy, Taylor, Bowman et al) and burnish the undeserved reputations of Northwestern and University Centers for Law as Gold Digging.

Now, this particular gambit is intended to not only further undermine any and all faith in police officers, but also net millions of tax-payer dollars in lawsuits.  The recent 'outrage dujour' is corkscrewing its way into the public zeitgeist via the the media bosses concerning clout, cop omerta and nepotisic privilege.

Mayor Emanuel also decided to to treat gang-funerals for what they are - Savage Displays of Contempt.

Gang funerals in Chicago will be treated like “gang events” — with pat-downs and police muscle — because gang leaders have shown “no respect” for neighborhoods where those funerals take place, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday.
One day after Chicago Police officers showed up in force at a gang funeral, Emanuel warned gang leaders to get used to it. Gang funerals will no longer be treated as sacred events.
The Mayor has taken baby steps back to common sense.  The goofiness, packaged and sold as good old American Atticus Finch Higher Criticism. However that road back to honesty and good sense has been potholed aplenty.

Chicago traded in a political machine for the lawsuit industry. Beginning with Michael Shakman's legal whine,  in 1972, aged to perfection by the likes of Dr. Quentin Young, the ACLU, Judge Abner Mikva and Dawn Clark Netsch, bottled by the University of Chicago and Northwestern Centers for Dopey Everything and the very lazy Chicago editorial boards, decanted by the Loevys Pere et Fil, G.Flint Taylor, Craig Futterman and Locke Bowman, Chicago's cup runneth over with lawsuits, gang-shootings, gelded law enforcement and hand-wringers wondering 'just how can we celebrate the funerals of Honor Student Thugs, yet appear serious about public safety.'

Yep the City That Worked was a machine crafted by part-time Aldermen and full-time saloon keepers, gamblers and nickel snitchers that somehow managed to attract industry, commerce and the arts.

Once little Mike Shakman was able to judge shop his way into the Shakman Decree Industry, the doors were flung wide open for our current University/Media Complex/ Ambulance-chaser Complex that has created Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone. 

Upon Shakman's shoulders the City of Big Shoulders fits snuggly.  Patronage went conveniently chameleon with the rise of job-hopping players like David Orr and  Forrest Claypool and disappeared where it did the most good - at the precinct and Ward level.  Nepotism became more Byzantine with Daleys and Hyneses, as they were eclipsed by Jacksons and Preckwinkles and still no goods and ever fewer services were available to to citizens and taxpayers.  Millions for Ceasefire, but not one cent for the defense of children and elderly in Englewood, Brainerd, Deering, or Grand Crossing - you know, add more cops to the streets.

I'd take Chicago's old timey corruption any day; those old crooks left something in the city budget and actually managed to do some good. Progressives pick the public bones dry and then render the leavings down to fertilizer and hold the departed in complete and lavish contempt.

I have yet to hear a sound explanation for the public boon resulting from Shakman Industries .  Likewise, I understand the acknowlege the success of the Orwellian control professors and Commie lawyers exercise over gutless politicians and lightly educated editorial board members.

Rahm Emanuel did two good things this week - he brought ants to the Gangbanger Funeral Picnics and swiped the salary swill away from Fetterman, Bowman, Taylor and the Loveys Pere and Fil, for the moment. That is until they can Judge Shop and get Judge Gettleman who is always happy to rule for nonsense over the public good.

Let's hope that he does not cave, as he did to CTU Commissar Jesse Sharkey and his puppet Karen. Lewis.

If Rahm Emanuel repudiates the nonsense of the Marxist Brahmins, he may bring back a little common sense to Chicago politics .

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