Monday, December 17, 2012

The Holiday Feel- Good Story of the Year for All of Us Guys

Dirk - " Hey, Soames; rough night?  You got blood on your wingtips."

Soames -" Boy, I'll say, Dirk. Took me five whole minutes to realize that was you on my lawn, before I stopped with the boots."

Nothing makes a guy feel the glow of holiday giving and good fellowship as a story of another gent just a tad more incontrôlable than ourselves - Regardez ça!

Lying drunk on the ground
Wednesday December 12 2012

A LISTOWEL man was fined €500 for posing a danger to himself and others when he lay drunk on the ground on the John B Keane Road, Listowel on July 23 of 2011.JJ Hegarty, Tullamore, Listowel, was charged with being drunk in public to the extent of being a danger to himself and to others. Gardaí said he was so drunk when they found him that he had to be 'physically held upright'. Mr Hegarty has 73 previous convictions, 17 of which were for being drunk in public.

Boys, clips this out and tuck it into your wallets for future emergencies. Happy Holidays, JJ Hegarty! 

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