Friday, October 08, 2010

The Talented and Handsome Pat Hickey -Not Me. Bea and Pat's Son -Northwestern Wildcat Pat Hickey!

My cousin Red Pat Hickey, a Chief engineer for Local 399 and his beautiful and brilliant bride Bea Reyna-Hickey are the proud parents of Pat Hickey.

In my massive immediate and extended family there must be a score of Pat Hickeys - I am Padraigin (Patsheen in Chicagoese Irish), then there is Mike's Pat, Red Pat, Red Pat's Pat, & etc. ad finem.

Red Pat's young man is the Long Snapper ( A Center with the ability to get the ball sans problems to a punter or a quarterback in the shotgun)for the very Hot Northwestern Wildcats. Pat Hickey the Wildcathand been Pat Hickey the Loyola Rambler and bears a striking resemblance to the young Mel Gibson.

This good looking and talented kid also writes for the Wildcat Players Blog.
Here is fine example of the talents of a Catholic League scholar athlete -

. . .I’ve been living like an NFL player for the past three weeks, and now I’ve been knocked back down to earth by classes and homework getting tossed on my plate.

Although not many people on our team were excited to start classes, besides maybe the bookworms Brandon Williams and JHP (John Henry Pace), everyone was excited to finally have a real student section at Ryan Field. Coach Fitz was calling this game our “true” home opener since the students are back at this university that we represent out there on the field. We had a great week of practice in prep for CMU. It was high energy and intense, but also a lot of fun. After the final practice of the week on Thursday, Coach Fitz told us about a new tradition starting at Ryan Field to get the fans into the game. Everyone was going to put their hands in the air at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and the song that goes along will get that point across just fine. So after Thursday practice, the film crew set up a camera, blasted the “hands in the air” song, and just let us bust out our best dance moves for the Jumbotron at Ryan Field. Niko Mafuli, Venric Mark, and even Coach Fitz were the best dancers of the day. They busted out some moves I’d never seen before.

As Your Grandfather and my sainted uncle Bud might say ( tones rise liltingly upon the italicized words) - "Is that Right? Well, the Jesuits are more liberal than they were when your Old Man went to Loyola, Kid! You got a preposition hanging out there like a wino's Johnson, for Crissakes."

More importantly Pay no attention to this crabby old dope, your Dad's cousin,Kid. I avoid hard work like I lived in Hyde Park. See you at the Walsh/O'Brien Wedding!

We are very proud of you, Pat!

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