Monday, October 04, 2010

Burt Odelson Getting the "Full Medill" on Rahm Residency

Burt Odelson has ties to Brother Rice, Baraco's Pizza on 95th Street, and the thousands of people he has helped as an attorney.

Medill Industries, headquartered at Northwestern University, sic'd an earnest little girl on Burt on behalf of Rahm Emanuel. Burt will get the Full Medill - which means that by the end of the week Huff and Puff ink-slingers will say that when Burt Odelson was not torturing black men as part if Burge's Midnight Crew, he was shovelling money into bad causes and killing baby ducks with a Louisville Slugger.

Burt is a gent. In 2000, Burt was hired by the Bush Team, even though Odelson was a Democrat with ties to Bill Daley and Al Gore. Burt Odelson won the legendary Hanging Chad Case before the Supreme Court of the United States. Burt Odelson had helped Richard M. Daley get elected as Cook County States Attorney and later Mayor of Chicago. Burt Odelson has ties up the ying-yang.

However the Cupcakes of Medill School of Jounolism(sic) breathlessly huff this post -linked by Huffington Post - The Hollywood Squares of Web Info. -

Emanuel owns a home at 4228 N. Hermitage, which he leased to a family in 2009. The family declined Emanuel’s request to terminate the lease, preventing him from moving back in.

Does this mean Chicago will have its first homeless mayoral candidate?

One prominent election law expert, attorney Burt Odelson, who has ties with House Speaker Michael Madigan and two potential Emanuel rivals in the mayor’s race, state Sen. James Meeks and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, said Wednesday that the law clearly prohibits Emanuel from running for mayor. (Voila, The Medill Well,well,well wedged in -emphasis my own)

Odelson noted that a section of the statute in the Illinois election code allows individuals who are in service to the U.S. to keep their residency status, but only for voting purposes.

“Even if Mr. Emanuel could make a claim that he’s in service of the U.S. and still vote absentee, he cannot make the claim he has been a resident of the city of Chicago for one year prior to the election because he leased his house to a family,” Odelson said.

Gee, them ties are binding. Binding to an intellectually constipated dope maybe, but not Chicago readers.

That cute Medill Well,Well, Well is is hardly poisoned. The fact of the matter is Burt Odelson discharges more brains with a trip to the loo than the collective wisdom of the Tweedy-Pie Profs at Medill School of Journolsim (sic).

If Burt Odleson says that Rahm Emanuel has a residency problem, Dreams from My Mayor Boy had better get himself one great election attorney -too bad that Burt Odelson is booked.

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