Thursday, October 07, 2010

DOPIUM Addicted Illinois GOP Get Heads Up from Tamara Holder

My pal attorney Tamara Holder raises some valid concerns that Illinois GOP folks have whistled away while walking past the political graveyard. A Tea Party candidate for Senate has been ignored, while the Illinois GOP have fired-up the DOPIUM Bowl - see John Kass.

( HOPIUM* is the Obama hallucinogen that brings tears to eyes of worshippers; DOPIUM is the hard core Crystal Meth that trots out Judy Barr Topinka in every election cycle -'It's All Good, G! Polka Time!')

Warning to Republicans

(or those who are considering voting Republican): If you vote for Mark Kirk, you will be voting for a liberal. So, if you are going to vote for a liberal, then make it easier on yourself and simply vote for Alexi Giannoulias, since he’s the real Democrat.

Wait, before you get all worked-up and accuse me, an Illinois Democrat, of trying to persuade the right to lean left, please continue reading because my point has zilch to do with Giannoulias…I simply want to make sure that the person you vote for accurately and properly represents you.

Michael Labno may be your guy, instead of Mark Kirk. Why?

Kirk is a Republican. Or is he? Kirk voted to allow the government to confiscate your legally owned firearm in the event of a national emergency. He is pro-choice, saved millions in funding for Planned Parenthood and was just one of 17 Republicans to vote to fund abortions for female inmates. Kirk is for cap and trade and voted for TARP not once, but twice.

Labno is a self-proclaimed “recovering Republican; three years sober, officially.” He wonders why we still haven’t found Osama bin Laden and is disappointed with the Republicans’ support of the bailouts. He wants small businesses and community banks to thrive again. He is pro-life and pro-guns. Labno owns his positions and he hasn’t manufactured his qualifications or made up outlandish stories to gain support.

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* from the Urban Dictionary - John Kass' neologism:

Hopium A substance that the media and press abuse, it makes them mesmerized by Barack Obama. For instance, when Obama swatting a fly was a headliner on the news, that camera man was on a double hit of Hopium.
"Wow did you see the Obama Chia?!"

"Yeah man, wonder if the hair is actually Hopium, I need some NOW."

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