Monday, October 11, 2010

American MSM Ignores This Gripping Story in Philadelphia

Duck, Mr President! A dirty fat guy sat on President Barack Obama's head on stage during a rally in Philadelphia today. It is not clear who the dirty fat man was, where, or why he came from out of the crowd, or why he chose Mr Obama - who did not appear to notice the danger.

But it is expected that there will be fallout from the security breach as the Secret Service investigates how close the President came to danger.

The rally was clearly an eventful one - other images showed a dirty fat naked man being led away in handcuffs by police.

It is not clear if the man was involved in the face sitting incident - or why he was not wearing any clothes.

The bizarre incident recalled the moment in 2008 when an angry Iraqi journalist hurled a shoe at then-U.S. President George Bush during a press conference in Baghdad. The surprisingly nimble Mr Bush ducked the shoe - and the moment became immortalised with online parodies and internet video games.

But the incident was also marked with controversy as U.S. media questioned why the Secret Service - whose members are supposed to be willing to take a bullet for the President - were not close enough to Mr Bush to deflect the attack. It is expected that the same questions will be asked about yesterday's incident.

The incident came as Mr Obama tried to rally voters in Philadelphia to use to three weeks left before congressional elections to go to the polls.

One wonders; one ponders; one scans the paper and the mind just wanders.

Profound Apologies to the UK Daily Mail for this heavily and meatily Bowdlerized text - I mean that. Click my post title for the genuine article.

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