Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to Restore Dignity to the Democratic Party - Show the Dopes the Door!

Departed Desiree Rogers always seemed the perfect metaphor of everything that has destroyed the once great Democratic Party - she brought absolutely nothing to the Party but arrogance and self absorption, but was a huge voice. Desiree, like Jan Schakowsky, Mike Quigley, Debbie Wasserman-Scultz,antony Weiner, Austan Goolsbee,Janet Napolitano, Valerie Jarrett, Arne Duncan, Andy Stern, Anna Burger,Eric Holder, Van Jones, and America's endless parade of protected nitwits, are shills for abortion, leftists agendas and corporate opportunists. It is time to consign these empty suits to the children's' table . . .again.

“These are naive idiots who’ve come out of academia and have never done anything real in their lives, and they are actually in power,” he said. “These are the people we never let in the room when we had serious business to do. Now they’re running the country.” Democratic Strategist Pat Caddell

I remain a Democrat. The Progressives of the National Democratic Committee hijacked the Party, took power, won the White House, ruined the American Economy for generations and all without the help of GW Bush, polarized the Nation, set-back race relations, fast tracked corruption with the Green Futures Market, and trampled on Foreign Policy. I remain a Democrat, for same reason that say the Memorare, the Nicean Creed, attend Mass, and do a couple of laps around the rosary despite Drum-banging Lesbian Wannabe Nuns and Ordained Idiots who undermine the Faith.

There are more great priests and nuns than the dopes, but the dopes have been allowed the microphones and bullhorns for too long.

Likewise, the very people that no self-respecting elected official would have had anything to do with thirty years ago are now the DNC operatives and national Party leaders.

Democratic Strategist and fellow helot Pat Caddell rails at President Obama, the DNC door-keeper for now and against the lunatic fringe that has usurped authority -

“My problem with Obama started the day he blew up public financing of presidential campaigns,” Caddell said in an interview with The Daily Caller. “He’s the man whose done the most to destroy whatever integrity there was in campaign financing.”

Obama declined public funding of his presidential campaign in 2008.

The administration’s attacks, Caddell said, on groups like the Chamber of Commerce and donors like the conservative Koch brothers reek of McCarthyism.“I was the youngest person on Richard Nixon’s enemies list. I take this stuff seriously. What they’re doing is Nixonian – it’s McCarthyite,” he said.

Caddell, who has worked for a number of presidential campaigns, including Joe Biden’s in 1988, said making outside money an election issue is a risky strategy for the Democrats. “You’re 21 days out from an election and this is what you’ve got? That’s it? Nothing about jobs or the economy?”

It won’t be pretty for his party, Caddell says. “Come the morning of November 2, they’re going to have a cold shower. It’s going to be an Arctic temperature.”

It is time for some genuine soul-searching in the Democratic Part -Federal, State and Local.

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