Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nothing is on the Square -Especially For Us Squares -God Speed the Bad Days for Mr. Vrdolyak

“Hey, not even fishing is on the square.” Edward Vrdolyak

Only on Powder Horn Lake, Alderman. There is where us Squares are. There and in Albany Park, Gresham, Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood, Canaryville, Chinatown, Pilsen, Chatham, . . . Edward R. Vrodolyak respected and honored the Square.

Edward V. Vrodlyak was sentenced by Judge Milton Shadur, but Federal Judge Richard Posner bullied the press and the 7th Appellate Court to reverse a Judge's decision -the judge who actually heard the case, weighed the evidence and determined the sentence of probation.

That is Justice? No, that is public opinion. Public opinion has nothing to do with what people actually think - that is why abortion is tagged Choice and SEIU is called Big Labor, or unions. Public opinion is the rigged deck of cards shuffled by a closed club of social engineers, agenda soaked columnists and editorial boards, and opportunists who are protected.

Edward Vrdolyak was an effective public official, a tough in-fighter, and a guy with full and respectful understanding of the public - the working people*, the tax-payers, the home owners and the Squares who work 8-14 hours a day to meet the cost of living and still manage to care for their neighbors, the Law and defend their country.

The Editorial Boards and iconic columnists are doing the bidding of Closed Club America and have tossed history down the Orwellian memory hole - it was Edward R. Vrdolyak working for Mayor Jane Byrne who registered the hundreds of thousands black men and women who stood on the political sidelines back in the late 1970's -it was boss Vrdolyak Head of the Democratic Party of Cook County who did that. Vrdolyak invented the Harold Washington Movement. That is a fact. Long before Slim Coleman and Lou Palmer ever looked at the books of registered African Americans, Edward Vrodlyak was doing the work. History is not cute, but what is done to history by the Closed Club is cute as hell - in Ireland they are called Cute 'Hoors.

Edward Vrdolyak had his day in court some time ago and faced the judicial music.

Federal Judge Richard Posner, a leading member of the closed club of social engineers et al., changed the score.

If you wonder why there is a Tea Party boiling over in this country consider what has happened to Edward Vrdolyak.


Hegewisch is a real place, and it's not in Harry Potter-land. But mention it to Chicagoans and 75 percent of them will give you that tilted-head, pursed-lipped look of Huh? Where?

It is, in fact, a neighborhood of Chicago, as south and east as the city goes. It's possible to play Twister with left hand on Chicago, left foot on Burnham, Ill., and right foot on Hammond, Ind.

It's a lovely and leafy place — bungalows in a row with tidy, manicured lawns. Lots of Polish surnames. Among them: the Dombrowskis, proprietors of Club 81 Too on Avenue M. It's a bar with a separate restaurant that's only open on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you ran this ambitious of a seafood operation with a short staff, you'd be open only twice a week too.

My first visit here on a Friday evening was greeted by Leo Dombrowski, a white-haired man in a Hawaiian shirt. There's his sister, Joan, apron omnipresent, full of institutional memory and sass. Brother George stands guard behind the bar. And the memory of brother Frank "Big Cheese" Dombrowski, its longtime manager until his death last year, looms as large here as his stout frame.

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