Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Will Mike Quigley Call for Blago to Resign?????????????

With growing chorus of elected voices harrumphing Blagojevich to 'Do the Right Thing!' . . . Illinois awaits that boomingly familiar voice that echoes Blago so nicely . . . in all ways - 'Mike Quigley Calls on Blaogjevich to Resign!!!! Resign I Tells Ya!'

CHICAGO (Reuters) - President-elect Barack Obama called on Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to resign on Wednesday after he was charged with trying to sell Obama's U.S. Senate seat and swap favors for money.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said Blagojevich needed to step down because "under the current circumstances it is difficult for the governor to effectively do his job and serve the people of Illinois."

Moves boiled up within Obama's home state of Illinois to strip Blagojevich of the power to make the appointment he allegedly tried to barter, either by driving him from office through legal means or letting voters fill the Senate seat with a special election.

After being arrested at home before dawn on Tuesday and then released on his own recognizance without having to post bail, Blagojevich showed no sign of resigning.

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