Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! God is Great and the Rest Ain't Too Bad!

Merry Christmas*! This morning cops and fireman and City Workers were getting coffee at White Hen at 103rd & Artesian as well as Kareem's Dunkin Donuts over on Western. They were bundled in arctic gear for a full day of serving all of us.

Two young coppers and a young lady EMT had been among the worshippers at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on 116th Church Street last night, when Terry McEldowney held forth with Oh, Holy Night and Adeste Fidelis. The tiny French Mission church built in 1904, during the Chicago Stockyard Strikes was packed with Faithful and devout neighbors from all over the 19th Ward. Terry McElligott and I were asked to pass the Offering baskets after Father Dempsey's sermon explained that 'God does not read computer print-outs for his Beloved, but sends his Son among us, to share our Joys, Set-backs and Sufferings.' Sacred Heart Church did Okay! It took four good cranks on the hopper of the Offering Box to load the offerings.

My kids and I slept in Peace, because public service angels were out and about on Duty.

The young Police officers and Fire Fighters and all the public servants from the City of Chicago's Water Department and Streets and Sanitation and the Peoples Gas crews and the frozen wire warriors on the ComEd trucks are out with the Little Guy in the Manger - keeping watch, while the angels sing.

* I found this manger scene on the Net; done a by a young artist when he was 7 years old. Click my post title for his site.

God Bless Us All - He has and he does!


Ray said...

Merry Christmas my friend, I hope you and yours have a safe and glorious holiday today, and here's wishing you a Happy New Year as well Take Care :>)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, Pat. We've got the blustery today, but you've got the cold. Last night was the candlelight service; today it's the slow gathering of the troops for dinner. Definitely a time to think anew about His coming as our country faces radical changes.

Bert said...

Merry Christmas Uncle PAt!

Anonymous said...

If you find a wallet somewhere between 98th & Western & 102nd & Washtenaw, please turn it to EP PD (22nd Dist said wasn't their turf) Thanks