Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tyna Robertson and Arianna Huffington: Serial Sisters of Superstar Serangeti

Nothing says Christmas like Sharing. Toys for Tots; Salvation Army Buckets; St. Cajetan's 8th Graders Caroling for the Elderly; giving trees at Sacred Heart Parish for poor kids in Englewood and serial skanks Tyna Robertson and Arianna Huffington helping themselves to people with talent.

Yep, my old heart is warmer than Brian Urlacher's Under Armor after the OT win over Green Bay and gayer than the cowboys and farmers in the swell choreography of Oklahoma!

It seems that the spirit of giving and taking has blanketed the landscape of Chicago like Patrick Fitzgerald's paper trail wire-net on Governor Blagojevich this snowy Chicago morning.

Item one: The Lord of Dance, Chicago's Own Michael Flatley of Little Flower Parish*, has horn-piped a chorus line of lawyers seeking documents on why serial dater Tyna Robertson has not met the vig on the $11 million settlement dropped into her elegantly manicured mitts:

Burr Ridge, IL -
Tyna Robertson got a house call from the Cook County sheriff’s office at about 8:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 22, at her Burr Ridge home.

The mother of Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher’s son was under arrest. Robertson was arrested for a warrant stemming from false sexual allegations she made against Michael Flatley, of Riverdance fame, according to media reports.

The dancer requested Robertson be held in contempt.

Robertson was taken into custody this morning and appeared in a Cook County circuit court later this afternoon.

The case involving Flatley ruled for Robertson to pay $11 million, which she has allegedly not paid any part of, according to reports. Cook County Judge Alexander White said if Robertson does not cooperate with Flately’s attorney, she could go to county jail for six months.

Robertson was supposed to appear in court for the Flatley case but did not show up, reports state. She contends she never received notice, reports state.

Reports said that Urlacher picked up his son, Kennedy, after Robertson was arrested. Urlacher and the Bears are scheduled to play the Green Bay Packers tonight at Soldier Field in Chicago.


Urlacher has gotta love Lord of the Dance! Nothing says Christmas like a gift from a complete stranger.

Stranger yet is Arianna Huffington, the Greek serial dater who looted some California tycoon slob named Huffington of his family handle and all his gelt.

Arianna's millions gave her the where-with-all to become a dedicated Leftist and publisher of Huffington Post - The Hollywood Squares of Internet journalism. Huffington Post is remarkable for its cavalcade of C-List Hollywood talent and wits who post columns fulminating against President Bush, praising Congressional Puffer Fish Barney Frank, and congratulating celebrities for having strong like-minded opinions. Some of the lightweights for Huffington Post include: Steve Weber - a generally face-less actor who was on some TV show back in the 90's,Marty Kaplan a guy with a resume like GD's Rap Sheet, Bob Creamer, check-kiting felon and Progressive Lecturer.

Well it seems that Arianna's gang has been pinching material from people with genuine talent:

Kevin Allman, a New Orleans journalist and editor of Gambit Weekly, finds The Huffington Post's idea of starting a whole series of city-focused aggregation sites hypocritical, especially given the site is named after Arianna Huffington, a popular, and now-liberal-leaning columnist.

In other words: professional newsgathering organizations have paid professional writers to do professional work, and then Arianna comes in, creates links to their creations, and sells ads on her own page. How progressive.

But Peretti says some 95 percent of The Huffington Post's traffic goes through the headline links, and that when The Huffington Post does original reporting or adds to a story, it changes a headline link to point to its content.

Otherwise, the Chicago project picks the 'best' stories from publications like the Chicago Tribune, the Sun Times and the Chicago Reader.

As for disgruntled publishers, Peretti seems genuinely perplexed and says The Huffington Post links should be good for them — and suggests that upset editors get in touch and build relationships with Huffington Post editors.

Oh, Yeah!!!


You, Sweet-Pea, are a Lulu,Sir!

Heck, I do that near every day - lift stuff off the Internet and write about it ( but I always [as much as in my limited powers to do so] and give Credit/HTs/Props/Acknowledgments and provide links to the sources)for nothing - no pay - just to practice my writing chops for benefit of you my human sisters and brothers.

Christmas 365/24/7 - for Patrick Francis, doncha know? Shoot, I'm a Soft-touch. I make a drop to every Squeegee Artist and Styrofoam Cup Capitalist! They are actually out there working! Unlike Arianna and Kid Sis Tyna!

Tyna and Arianna, it seems - by what it is reported in the news and elsewhere - to me are just a pair of Lion sisters poised to pounce out there on the Celebrity Serengeti: cut a weak man out of the herd and devour! Merry Christmas Girls!

* Click my post title for more on Flatley

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