Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mount Greenwood Southwest Observer Polls Keegan's Pub Over All Others with a Landslide 33%

The Great Mount Greenwood Southwest Observer a wonderful neighborhood website offers a recent poll of Local Pubs and Watering Holes.

County Armagh's and Now Chicago's Own Bernard Callahan's Keegan's Pub is ranked at the top of some very fine Saloons here in the 19th Ward.

Keegan's Pub
10618 S Western

Keegan's Pub is headquarters to a group of wits, workers and wunderkinds that could body slam any Mensa Chapter west of Alexandria, Egypt in its best day and serves the most laboriously crafted 'pint of plain' - Guinness this side of foamy brine.

Get thee to Keegan's soak up some laughs, nuanced analysis of the day's events and the creamy goodness of that Old Black Magic brewed at St. James's Gate Dublin.

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Here's the Poll Results*:

Green Mill? Never heard of it.
Castos - 0%
Cork and Kerry - 17%
Corrigans - 0%
Gilhooleys - 0%
Hinky Dinks - 17%
Keegans - 33%
Lanigans - 17%
The Mystic - 17%
Seans Rhino Bar - 0%
TRs Pub - 0%
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* I suspect Polling Error - MSNBC might have had some dubious hand in this! Where is MacKell's in this data??????


Anonymous said...

TRs Pub - 0%
Wow how things change!
Quigley's and TR's blew Keegans away 20 years ago.

pathickey said...

TR's is One Great Chicago Pub!