Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jesse Jackson Junior Too Smart To Play Ball with 40 Watt Blago

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is smart. He is ambitious. He is at times a bit vain. Intelligence, Ambition and a bit of Vanity are essential to a Public Person.

Rod Blagojevich is dumber than NBC News and Charlie Weis* on crack. He is the Peter (pun up a storm, Kids) Principle to Enth Power Squared. Blago is Vain-er than an Old Man's Legs with Run-away Phlebitis -Characteristics best worn by a bar-fly.

I saw Congressman Jackson's presentation and Statement as Candidate # 5 and I believe him. He may have had some ambitious emissary gulled by Harris and the Guv into a power chat, but I do not believe that Congressman Jackson in any way tried to make Medicine with grown man who quotes Elvis Lyrics in Public . . . at least it was not Friend and Lover's 'It think it's so Groovy Now/That People are Finally Gettin' Togetha!!' That would be David Axelrod.

Jackson was sucked into Fitzy's wire-tap by Blago like a degenerate gambler takes in friends, relatives, banks, Pay-Day Loans and kids with wagons of empty pop bottles.

* Charlie Weis and Rod Blagojevich have mirror personalities and command presence - No 1st Downs! No 1st Downs! No 1st Downs!.


Anonymous said...

We all know Jackson Jr. is sharp,but don't try and tell us he's not knee deep in the muck.

Anonymous said...

When's the last time you had a good talk with your friend Joseph Scheidler?

pathickey said...

Why, . . . it ws October of 1984. A Golden Time; the world and all of its possibilities crawled apace to expectations unmatched in Man's feeble march upon the Terra, . . . you, no doubt. launched your chubby fingers into your Huggies for the first time and found a lifetime's occupation!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you said that because I wanted that kid to be different and thought he would be because of his education. His performance up til now seemed to have proved that to be true. So in light of what you are saying, and because I have a healthy respect for an street-smart, intelligent, celtic, chi-town smart-ass such as yourself, I think I'm going to to give this kid a wait-and-see attitude before I put him in the conviction box with every other fockin demo in the county. That being a demo meself! But an honest one, that's why I'm poor and broke, but happy.( and not in the joint)

pathickey said...

I think the young Congressman has all the tools to be a very effective public servant - barring any inclination to slide up the gradus too quickly.

I hope that he did not triangulated by rivals and smooth-talkers.