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Locke Bowman Hearts Burge - Woos Madigan: Torture Gets a Dewey Treatment by U of C Buzz-cut Commies!

Buzz-cut Commies live off of Tax-Free Non-Profits (501(c)3)power drippings from the endowments of Huge corporate trusts. That way they can make a substantial profit for themselves through lawsuits directed at tax built and generated institutions (City of Chicago-especially Police) and bank a modest five to six figure salary from the Center established by the Trust: like the MacArthur Center for Justice. Work within the System to Bring It Down! Boom! Eat the Rich and Become One!

The MacArthur Center for Justice took a long hard swing at the Cook County Sheriff's Office under Michael Sheehan back in the 1990's and whiffed badly. The MacArthur Gang attempted to 'prove beyond a reasonable doubt' that 'systemic racism' caused prisoners held for monstrously violent crimes in Cook County Jail were being 'tortured' by evil white, close-knit ethnic,politically connected Neo Nazis.

The Love Bunnies and Humanitarian Huggie Bears incarcerated for murders and mayhem in Cook County Detention Center's Violent Crimes Wing were 'not' being encouraged to riot by lawyers from the MacArthur Center for Justice - thus, eliciting a strong response from Corrections Officers - Mercy Sakes and Jane Addams's Girlfriend NO!

They were victims of systemic racism. However, it took a mere twenty minutes for a jury to toss the allegations against Sheriff Sheehan and send MacArthur Center for Justice back to G. Flint Taylor - The Woody Hayes of Police Abuse Lawsuits - for chalk talks.

Locke Bowman is one of the Super Lawyers who Keep Torture Alive in Chicago's Laughing Stock Media.

Locke Bowman and the other Buzz Cut Commies have been eclipsed by Obama-Euphoria, a Barney Frank Bail-out Giveaway of the Mortgage Ponzi Scam, some pretty cold weather, Bears Reprieve in the NFL, and a general understanding by tax-payers that MacArthur Center for Justice does more to create Thug Comfort Zones in Chicago ( The Murder Bar is 500 and No one meets a Challenge like a Chicago Thug!)than Burge could have done with the Hermann Goring Division.

Systemic is a leftist term developed to employ a biological conceit in order to advance an agenda that is artificial. Biology deals with Nature. Lefties stretch like Gumbis to try and make a point.

That is because University of Chicago's Jon Dewey is Baby Daddy of American Leftism.

Dig it! You see, John Dewey, made inquiry the essence of logic - not Truth or Knowledge, according to Bertrand Russell in his History of Western Philosophy. Dewey, the Father of Modern American Public School Education (A Peach of a Job there Johnny Boy!), argued that 'Universal Wholes' are to be the outcome of inquiry. Russell points out that Dewey's love of 'Organic Wholes' stemmed from his love of biology and the goofy philosophy of Hegel ( Dialectical Materialism -Class/State Warfare as Truth). Russell goes on to say that,'Dewey's World is one in which human beings occupy the imagination and the cosmos and all that goes with it is an adjunct. Thus, Al Gore's Global Warming is an Insistence Verity despite the fact that it is and has been 25 degrees below zero ( with the wind chill) here in America since last week. If WE - the Dewey-ite Progressives say there is Systemic Torture, or Global Warming, or Fois Gras Genocide brought on by Industry, then there, By Jane Addams's Whiskers, is Global Warming & etc.! Inquiry is Truth! Keep Inquiry Alive! Inquiry is Hope! Hope Floats and MacArthur 501 (c)3 Money Keeps a Coming!

So, here is a Locke Bowman in today's Sun Times - Lefties always have cool names - taking on Attorney General Madigan for doing exactly what the Attorney General is supposed to do.

Madigan's effort is opposed by Locke Bowman, legal director of the MacArthur Justice Center at Northwestern University Law School and the lawyer for an inmate who has been granted a hearing on a torture claim. Bowman said one prosecutor should have responsibility for all of the cases and that the issue in all of the cases -- whether convictions based on torture should be allowed to stand -- should be addressed.

"Madigan's attempt to offload some of the cases is a tacit admission that she doesn't have the stomach to get to the heart of the matter," Bowman said in an e-mail. "In many cases, she has resisted hearings on legal technicalities, arguing that torture victims waited too long to present their torture claims or that the claims were barred by earlier decisions" against the inmates that came when much of the Burge scandal still hadn't come out.

"She has failed to come to grips with the need for a fair, systemic approach to resolve these cases," Bowman said. "It is unacceptable in any society of human beings to allow some 25 men to languish in prison following convictions that rest on tortured confessions. Lisa Madigan has the opportunity to right this wrong. If she continues to dodge that legal and moral responsibility, she risks permanent damage to her reputation as a reform-minded official."

To add weight to the INQUIRY - the Sun Times added a touch of John Conroy to the gravitas of Maurice Possely. John Conroy's schtick is Police Torture and lost his paycheck at Chicago Reader some time this last summer. The Sun Times is acting like a journalistic Branson, MO giving Conroy this by-line co-pilot seat.

Lisa Madigan explained the truth of the shift in respnsibilities with regard to Torture Investigations by the Attorney General's Office: ( N.B. - Dewey Progressivism and Education is all about Inquiry - Truth is whatever the conclusion reached by the initiated inquiry happens to be):

Cara Smith, Madigan's deputy chief of staff, called Bowman's allegations "unfounded, grossly misleading and misdirected. . . . Unfortunately, Mr. Bowman chooses to level harsh criticisms at the very office who has worked diligently in pursuit of justice in the cases we've been assigned, and we will continue to do so.

"In every one of the Burge cases that has been assigned to us, we have worked diligently with the facts and the law with the goal of seeking justice," Smith said. "Because the conflict that brought these cases to us no longer exists, we thought it appropriate to request they be put back where they began, which is in the Cook County state's attorney's office."

The motion to transfer the five cases comes weeks after Burge was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice based on his denial of torture during testimony under oath in a civil case. Burge's trial has been set for next May.

Locke Bowman, a Buzz-cut Commie and Deweyite, but a Super Lawyer, depends upon Inquiry. Without Inquiry; no income!

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