Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sun Times Natasha Korecki - A Real Reporter! Natasha Skewers Blago With an Elegant Final Sentence

That is Natasha Korecki in the Center - One of Chicago Best Reporters!

Who, What, When, Where, and Why are all that a reporter needs to present in any story with simple declarative sentences.

The absolute American Master of the simple declarative sentence is former Chicago Tribune Sports Editor Dan McGrath.

Natasha Korecki of the Chicago Sun Times is always at the head of the Class of the Field as well!

Today's piece on the Northwestern University speech by the odious louse and former Illinois Governor is one of Natasha Korecki's best presentations. It is a gem of solid reporting.

Ms. Korecki allows Blago to speak and cavort, unencumbered by irony. The irony of this Drip's perpetual public posing suffices and Ms. Korecki reports.

More, without the preening and self-absorption of columnist, Natasha Korecki gives the reader an elegant coup de grace on Bumpkin Blag with this poignard* of closing sentence -Blagojevich, 52, is scheduled to go to trial on wide-ranging corruption charges in June.

Right thru the liver!

*A poignard, or poniard, originally a French word, is a lightweight dagger employed in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

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