Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Judy Garland Died for My Sins.

Fabulous!Let me tell you about my sexual exploits . . . why only . . .you Yawn?

10% of Americans are Gay. Really.

Okay, how about some Gay statistics?

10-40 % of the trees that fall in the forest are heard and they will be heard. Really.

Gay is good and gay can be great; but Gay ain't that big. Well it is if you are Gay and Gay Progressive Friendly. Gay is the new Green.

General Sheehan has been made the 21st Century Alfred Dreyfus by the sneaky little turd Senator Carl Levin in a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about Gays in the Military with regard to Don't Ask; Don't Tell. The Dutch Pink Army ( Gay Soldiers Group) threatened to sue Retired General Sheehan - he retracted a statement refering to a conversation that he had with a Dutch officer in Bosnia, after his Dutch counterpart got amnesia.

I am neither a Veteran, nor a homosexual, but neither is Senator Carl Levin - Senator Levin is a sneaky little turd. Click my post title for some common sense on the General Sheehan affair.

Now that Obama Care passed everything is Gay - Priest scandals in the Catholic Church begin and end with the Gay Mafia or the Lavender Clerics - Don't ask;Don't tell worked real well in the institutional Catholic Church - did it not? Ironically, the very same people who would tear Pope Benedict XVI apart would free Roman Polanski. SNAP should be renamed PAPAL- People Abused by Priests and Artificed by Lawyers. The Folks who boil up the media about the Catholic Church never point their fingers at the Lavender Priesthood, as Tom Roeser so well terms the clerical daisy-chain.Mr. Roeser points out that -

First: The SNAP people as social and political liberals cannot bring themselves to admit that homosexuality which has run rife, producing the Lavender Priesthood, is the overwhelming cause of the scandal. They have adopted the same cultural bias of today’s liberals and media about homosexuality…that it is not a sinful choice or a weakness and definitely not an abuse of the sexual faculty…but misled by certain liberal pathologies they believe that it is neither reversible but merely a normal variation, like being left-handed.
In fact if SNAP had used its findings to blast the Lavender Priesthood, the chances are great that the media would be loath to run the stories.
Most SNAP authorities declare that if in fact homosexuality is the cause, the so-called “repression” factor is responsible: victims are those too ashamed of the sin that “dare not tell its name.” Many feel that matters would be improved if only the Church would relent in its insistence of the male only priesthood. Others have told me that celibacy should be relaxed (not understanding that the celibate priesthood is not covered by inflexible
BTW- save all the outrage about pedophiles in the priesthood not being Gay - if you are a man doing a boy you are a homosexual(Gay) pedophile; if you are a man doing a girl, you are a heterosexual pedophile.

An American Hero is being pilloried as the Alfred Dreyfus to Gay Militancy Media.

If Gay's suffer, . . .hell, sorry for your troubles; get in line.

If the tail wags the dog then the whole dog needs to shake. One can not have a touch of cancer - a girl is never a little bit pregnant, unless she belongs to Planned Parenthood.

Here's the deal, neighbors (Gay/Breeder/Celibate/Disinterested). If you must proclaim your presence on this our earth and God's creation, entirely by the means by which you sexually find gratification . . .no one is asking and please do not tell.

The Kinsey study of 1948, which homosexuals often cite to say that 10% of the population is homosexual, actually says that only 4% of the population is EXCLUSIVELY homosexual. This study involved a disproportionate number of people who had been in jail for sex crimes (hardly a random sample of the population). Kinsey also did perverse studies involving young boys and pedophiles. Information on Kinsey.
Current research shows that the true percentage of homosexuals is in the 1-2% range (15,23,26,28). Consider how small this number is when compared to most of the numbers above.
(15) Morton-Hunt Study for Playboy
(23) Science Magazine, 18 July 1993, p. 322.
(26) United States Census Bureau
(28) University of Chicago's Nation Research Corp.”

Some studies conducted in response to the AIDS epidemic reported that 3% of males are or should preferential homosexuals and another 4% are closeted homosexuals.

Well that last demographic got a boost the other day from Joto Fortunado Ricky Martin.

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