Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nancy Pelosi's Desperate House Fraus!

Three Happenin' Babes!

The flu bug passed, but the idiotic Run DNC Health ( Reform?) Nonsense hammers all Americans.

This BILL is wrong ( over, under,sideways, down).

Reforming the ways and means by which Americans get medical care is crucial.

However, the same fatuous clowns and phonies who used Global Warming to package and wrap the Cap and Trade Bill have used Health, or lack there of, to boondoggle and build more control over Americans.

Nancy Pelosi, the Joan Rivers of American Public,albeit lacking Ms. Rivers' common touch, took all the girls into the Congressional Cloak Room for a chat - well, only the Democratic Girls.

Pelosi is desperate. The boondoggle has been outed. She ain't got the votes. If Jan Schakowsky is needed to make her look good on this one, Nancy will be calling the D.C. area REMAX only a few senesters before the Mayflower Van pulls up to the White House.

Here's why - from The Atlantic

"Deem and pass" has exactly the same legislative function for the House as passing the Senate bill and separately passing the reconciliation changes.

Which raises the question, why do it? Pelosi says, because many of her members do not want to vote for the Senate bill. But if I understand this procedure correctly, that is what they will be doing, with the possible consequence that the Senate bill eventually becomes law. What Pelosi is saying, almost in these very words, is that she wants her members to be able to vote for the Senate bill while telling their voters back home they have not. Her method may be procedurally correct. It is also, quite explicitly, cover for her members to lie to their voters.

What, she asks, is wrong with that? She and her supporters seem genuinely puzzled, so I had better spell it out. (1) Lying to voters is wrong. (2) Doing it so nakedly insults their intelligence (which, in addition, is unwise).

Pelosi is equally perplexed, I imagine, by the fact that she and the institution she leads are held in such contempt by the people of this country.

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