Monday, March 15, 2010

South Side Irish Parade - Lazarus Come Forth!

A solid well done to Chicago Police and Fore Departments and the Liquor Commission!

Yesterday's neighbrhood events were untroubled, because Commander Mike Kuemeth and the officers of the 22nd Police District and Chicago Fire Department specialists worked with Illinois Liqour Commissioners to prevent any all idiocies.

The neighborhood enjoyed a good day - not a great one.

The South Side Parade should march again. Chicago Sun Times writer Mark Konkol, a solid guy and an honest journalist sought out two solid Parade Advocates - James "Skinny" Sheahan, long-time Chicago Special Events Director and Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan concerning the resusitation of this great family event.

Quoth Houli and Skinny:

Born on St. Patrick's Day in 1979, she would be 31 years this Wednesday. 31 years. I'm almost twice as old as that.
When I was 31, well, I acted like a goof sometimes myself. But nobody said, "He got drunk and embarrassed us, let's kill him."
No they didn't. They believed in me. They saw the potential for something greater in me and never withdrew their love and support.
But South Side Paddy ... Well, is SHE really dead?
You've got to listen to the rest: SouthSideIrishParadeeulogy.WMA

By the way, James "Skinny" Sheahan -- Mayor Daley's former parade czar -- predicts the parade will be back next year. Why?
Because without it, Beverly is Irish, but "boring."

More from Skinny Sheahan via the great Mark Konkol

"I'm sure the parade will be back because we need a parade. Beverly's still Irish, but [without the parade] it's very boring," Sheahan said. "Listen, I was in charge of every parade in Chicago for 10 years. I've seen more parades than anybody in the world except for Mayor Daley, OK. This was a great, great parade. Two percent of people at the parade were goofballs, that's a fact. But the parade will be back. They'll have a heart attack when they read that, but I don't care."

Let's revive the South Side Irish Parade! If the spirit is still in the bones, save the wake.,CST-NWS-stpats15.article

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