Friday, March 26, 2010

Progressives Turn to the Felon's Voice Calling for Civility - Bob "The Shank" Creamer on Political Discourse

FLOTUS checks Bob's Bag for receipts.

While Prison Widow and Congress-Critter Jan Shakowsky sharpens and selects just right quality and edge of the Böker Tree Brand knives that she will slide between Alexi Giannoulias's shoulder blades, Bob "The Shank" Creamer, just back from the historic signing of the Obama Care Boondoggle that he helped craft ( felons in the White House? Again?), is ginning up some hate and mewing pious platitudes for the illiterate and the group thinking crowd who read Huffington Post - the Hollywood Squares of political discourse.

Here's Bob Creamer with his Terra Haute Federal Prison Alumnus's point of view.

Of course, the individuals who take these vile actions, must themselves be held directly responsible. But there is no doubt that the atmosphere that incited them to do so was intentionally crafted from the "respectable" glistening towers of the big insurance companies, the offices of the national Chamber of Commerce that overlook the White House, and the stately suites of the Republican Congressional leadership.

They were incited to take these actions -- many of them against their own best interests -- by people who would do anything and say anything to promote their own financial or political interests.

Mos Def!, Bob! You'd do it Old School - kite checks of charities you have in your care and then rattle the tin cup on them cold, cold, cold iron bars!

Bob Creamer - Go Fly a Kited Check!

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Guy's amazing