Monday, March 22, 2010

President Obama's Polls Will Limbo Under Congress Approval Ratings

How low will President Obama's Approval Numbers Limbo?

Lower than whale poop in the Marianas Trench

Lower than a snakes belly in a wheel rut at the bottom of the New Madris Fault

Lower than MSNBC's Nielson Ratings

Lower than Hog Futures in Israel

Lower than the taxes paid by Bob Creamer

Lower than the editorial skills of the Huffington Post

Ah, but do mind the cuteness of me , Flann O'Brien was wont to say! President Obama went all in with chips that did not belong to him. Them chips is ours - the Taxpayers' Chips.

If you are not a tax-payer, or have gulped enough SEIU Kool Aid, you are as happy as a clam about Obama Care. Another urban Democrat like myself, Mike Goodwn of the New York Post writes this -(click my post title for more)

Either you believe America is different and should play a unique role in expanding individual liberty, or you believe we should trim our freedoms to fit international norms, as embodied by centralized authorities and global organizations like the United Nations.

It's clear where Obama stands.

As he said in response to a question in Europe nearly a year ago, "I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I imagine that Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism and the British believe in British exceptionalism."

Though he said he was proud of his country, the answer was unmistakably no, he's not a believer. On that day and so many others -- remember his apologies and bows to foreign potentates -- he demonstrates he doesn't subscribe in the tradition of his predecessors and most of his countrymen.

His health-care obsession, with industry tentacles reaching 17 percent of the economy, reveals his vision. There is little dispute the industry has big flaws, yet Obama passed up a bipartisan chance to fix most of them.

He opted for a sweeping expansion and takeover that would put Washington in charge of every aspect, from levels of care, to cost, to mandates, to jobs and taxes.

President Obama pushed all in and will be History's Goat* - the worst President in American History he will plunge past Carter (34) and boost James Buchanan (40).


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