Saturday, March 20, 2010

Carol Marin Offers More Words to Tell Us That Words Can't Stop Murdering Thugs from Murdering! She's An Icon!

Chicago's most visible fatuous phony - Icon Carol Marin - wants all of us to know that " Words alone can't stop gun violence."

Yesterday, I watched Chicago Police deal with a shooting that was reported only by Fox WFLD News - Sun Times - nothing and Tribune nothing.

Across from Leo High School on 79th Street two people were shot by fleeing perpetrators. One guy took some heavy ordinance in the face and the other took one in the leg.

This took place at about 1:20 P.M. on a sunny Friday afternoon. Sixth District Police officers responded instantly and with exacting professionalism - as they always do.

Faculty and staff put our young men on the buses for home and directed them to their parents' cars and the entire school population departed for home. Teachers and staff shepherded our young men - no Kevlar.

Faculty and staff stood out on 79th Street only a few feet from where the blood was spilled.

There had been a fight at a gas station on Halsted earlier that morning and the fly-by shootings were in retaliation for someone getting 'disrespected' in that Old School dust-up. Naturally, thugs go for the artillery, because there will be little or no consequences and possibly even a police beef lawsuit jackpot for lighting up a front porch full of folks.

Thug scum are portrayed always in the Media as misunderstood Denzel Washingtons abused by beefy racist cops.

If a hard-hitting investigative journalist wanted to actually do something, the suburban dwelling hypocrite might want to investigate exactly who actually owns heavy ordinance in Chicago's Food Deserts. Nah. It is always better to pound out a full week of polls, reports, up-dates, columns and stories about a white goofball with racist garage art and so much safer, edgy and nuanced. Once we all agree that close-knit ethnic Catholics (who live in PC targeted neighborhoods like Bridgeport, Beverly, Edison Park & etc.) are the only reason that racism exists - gun violence will end and we can all have Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and listen to NPR.

Chicago is a Thug Comfort Zone. This Comfort Zone was created by lawsuit lawyers like G. Flint Taylor and Jon Loevy, Marxist Academics and University Centers for Manure Spreading and hypocritical editorialists and columnists like Mary Mitchell, Mark Brown and Chicago's ( NBC/WTTW/Sun Times)Iconic Carol Marin.

Murders are committed for the same reason that a dog licks his privates with gusto - because one can. One can kill with impunity and immunity. Systemic racism and police brutality are the Get-Out-of-Jail Wealthy cards published in columns and editorials.

Give me the words to explain this.

Words strong enough to capture the horror of Chicago's daily diet of senseless shootings.

Words powerful enough to build a durable outrage so we are collectively moved to action.

The most recent shootings come on top of the tragedy that happened Wednesday on the South Side. It was sunny and mild, and 7-year-old Desaree Sanders and her sisters were doing what children are supposed to do when spring is in the air.

Word, Carol! Cash those checks!

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