Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary Mitchell is an Idiot and Craig Wall is a Punk - Let's Dialog about Race . Oh, Let's Do.

If it bleeds it Ledes( leads) -if it ain't bleeding help it do so. Mary Mitchell and Craig Wall

Some guy in West Beverly put racially charged block letters all over his garage. Mary Mitchell wrote that the guy is an "idiot pure and simple." Not a racist, but an idiot pure and simple.

Could be.

Craig Wall, Fox WFLD investigative reporter boldly put his microphone in the confronted guy's face and demanded to know "Are you a racist?. . .Are YOU a Racist?" Craig Wall repeatedly asked that.

Here let me try - "Are you an A$$hole, Craig?"

Begs the question.

The goof with the yard art might be an idiot and might be a racist.

However, whatever this guy's real or demanded civic crimes might be he takes a far back seat to Fox's Craig Wall and the always reactionary Mary Mitchell. One is a punk and the other an idiot.

Only a punk or an idiot, or both would want to make a very publicly announced,planned and inevitable booze stroll in this neighborhood become a race issue bloodbath.

Thousands of booze fueled idiots ( Bucktown, Ukranian Village, Logan Square, Lakeview and Lincoln Park and suburban Facebook ChiRish - Miller Brewing's Rainbow of Idiots) intend to get their Irish Freak on, despite the fact that no parade is scheduled. Thousands of the past years inebriated guests who took Metra south or boarded Booze Cruise Buses from fern bars will weave up and down Western Ave. in the Facebook inspired Parade of Dopes. Queen Sister of It Takes a Village ( who promptly responded to Craig Wall's clarion call) might join them for Cokes and Jokes. Booze and stupidity shaken up with a pretty lame race story like this will make an obnoxious event a good blood lede for Monday's papers.

This Sunday, thousands of nitwits will converge upon this neighborhood of mine. The Parade is canceled, nitwits. This same quiet and very livable neighborhood has seen too many racially charged and motivated crimes in the last few years. Interestingly, they have been black on white crimes and not t'other way around. Old people beaten to death in their homes and PC dictums require that no Hate Crime be attached - as it was merely a property crime. B.S.!

Only a few years ago, three black kids beat s sickly white boy (heart condition) nearly to death and with much huffing and puffing and crocodile tears columnists like Mary Mitchell insisted no racist motivations whatsoever on the part of the pipe-wielding trio, even after they admitted that they chose the boy because he was a goofy looking white kid.

There was no backlash. Blacks and whites continue to live in the neighborhood. No white on black crime. No lynchings, bull whipping, taunts or teases. Nothing. Black people want to buy homes here and live with people Chicago's Media demand at every possible opportunity to be racist thugs. Ironically, my black neighbors want no part of the thug-life they left behind in Grand Crossing, Gresham, Englewood and Roseland.

Yet, Mary Mitchell and anal apertures like Craig Wall need blood ledes - even when the truth is pretty anemic.

Mary Mitchell is an idiot and a very well-documented one at that. Craig Wall is a Punk.

I used to love the south side parade. I will go to Mass and pray for peace and then keep an eye on kids and home.


More than 13,000 people have pledged to show up and another 7,600 responded as a "maybe". Kelleher says he posted the event on a whim and was just curious to see what people would say.

Now the "event" could turn into the world's largest pub crawl. A St. Patrick's Day celebration in New York City set that record last year with 3,163 participants.

Kelleher says there is no official starting place or itinerary for the day. Residents of Beverly are concerned that if thousands of people show up, the crowd would get out of hand.

Alderman Virginia Rugai says she has made the Chicago Police aware of the Facebook posting, but as of now, the police do not plan to add patrols that day.,CST-NWS-mitch11.article

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