Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Massa's in the Hot, Hot, Hot Shower! DNC Lather Lobbying.

Rep. Massa says it was not sexual harassment - it was 'Tickle Fights!'

Bony Finger poking Rahm Emanual lobbies Massa's support in the Congressional Shower!

Yet, I am still a Democrat - Chicago Democrat. Hey, really. We showered together after practice in high school and that was it. Really.


LL said...

Did White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel tickle Congressman Massa in the shower? I know that Massa says that Rahm poked him.

It sounds more like an encounter in a San Francisco bath house than ... well than they way Rahm characterizes it.

pathickey said...

Soapy Sales, I imagine, LL, Soapy Sales.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Hickey, sorry to hijack your thread (Massa's really providing the entertainment for everyone this week, isn't he?) but I didn't see an e-mail address on your profile. I'm a writer working on a book about historic Irish pubs in Chicago and noticed your mention of Hanley's House of Happiness in one of your posts. I was wondering if you'd care to drop me a line at to chat a bit about your memories of that place and other notables in the area. I think I might have interviewed you when I was working at the Daily Southtown years ago; your name's very familiar!

Thank you,

Allison Hantschel