Monday, March 22, 2010

Congressman Dan Lipinski - The Only Man Standing!

"As I have said many times, I strongly believe reform is needed to lower soaring health care costs and make insurance coverage more affordable and accessible for individuals and working families. But reform must be done right."
Congressman Dan Lipinski ( D. 3rd District)

Congressman Dan Lipinski took a heroic stand in opposition to the horrific Senate Omnibus Bill -Obama Care. This is the most divisive and foolish monstrosity ever forced down the the throats of the American People -by the very same hypocrites who get weepy about fois gras.

Congressman Dan Lipinski earned my respect and my count on the support of every voter in my house. Congressman Lipinski stood for every voter in the 3rd District and for every American taxpayer. You will have every dunce in America railing against you - but they do not vote in the 3rd District.

Well done, Congressman! You are the only Man Standing in Illinois Democratic politics.

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