Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lt. Guv Sheila Simon - The Hope of Every Goo-goo Entitlement Child of God - or Higher Power -or Void

Former Progressive Alderman Marty Oberman's kid Justin got waxed in his bid for the State Treasurer. The kid stood for Office and took his lumps, God Bless Him! He wrote a very gracious and thoughtful letter to his supporters.

From day one, we ran a substantive campaign talking about the issues that affect each of us on a daily basis. On job creation, we proposed new, creative initiatives that would allow the Treasurer to work more closely with Illinois businesses. In Rockford, for example, we hosted a forum on high-speed rail to discuss ways that we could use existing manufacturing infrastructure to make Illinois a leader in building new rail equipment.

On ethics, we led from day one by proposing tough new sanctions limiting who we would accept contributions from.

These issues – job creation and ethics – are at the heart of why I wanted to be your next State Treasurer, and they will continue to motivate me. Since the polls closed and the results became clear, I have heard from many of you encouraging me to stay involved on these issues and to continue to fight for a government that will improve and honor our beleaguered Illinois. I can assure you that I intend to do just that. Thank you so very much for everything you have done and for the faith you put in me.

He stood for office!

Then there are the Illinois Panjandrums - the array of political fringe folk whom Goo-goos and Ummers wet their silkies over - Chris Kennedy, Sheila Simon and the parade of "Ain't They Greaters!" that Progressives scream out common sense about.

Chris Kennedy - RFK's Boy owns the Merchandise Mart Building and has been as quiet as a Progressive at a Charity Auction since he locked down an appointment to the U of I Board. Chris announces and then crawfishes his candidacy for various public offices in Illinois. He'd get his Patrician Ass handed to him in any election.

Sheila Simon is the daughter of Paul Simon. I am the son of Pat and Ginny Hickey -BFD! My Dad is a great stationary engineer and WWII vet ( Bougainville, Guam and Iwo Jima) and my Mom can still whistle through her fingers and break a pane of glass. I have trouble working a channel-locks am as Yellow as a Duck's Foot and dribble when I whistle.

Sheila Simon won the endorsement of President Obama in her run for Mayor of Carbondale, Illinois and lost the election. She is also a former City Councilman from Carbodale. Sheila Simon was appointed to the Illinois Reform Fun House run by former Federal Prosecutor Patrick Collins. The only talent on that panel is Northwestern Football Coach Patrick Fitzgerald.

Goo-goos and Ummers ( people who must offer "Ummm" as an antecedent to any forthcoming stupidity -usually in print) love Sheila Simon. "Ummers tend to be boiled beets Progressives. Goo-goos are bed and breakfast owners who, having shaken down zoning officials in Chicago, go after them skalawags and ne'er-do-wells with the BGA.

Sheila Simon evoked the memory of her departed Dad and looks very much like Pater Simon. Sheila wants to give hope to Progressive Children of Entitlement - not children of Regular Democratic Elected Officials, but IPI and IVO Sanctioned Dimwits Not Hacks. You see, if the son or daughter of non IPI-IVO Sanctioned Dimwit but Not a Hack were to run for office Carol Marin and Eric Zorn and Mark Brown and Studs Terkel would get their panties in a twist. I heard Studs Terkel only the other day on NPR - he's a treasure. "Ummers" tell you what to think and get very upset when you disagree with them.

You shall know them by these words " Ain't She Great? No, Really." Why is she great? "She just is!" No, she is as dumb as hammered horseshirt, in truth. "She's Great!" Less filling! & etc.

Sheila Simon wants the "appointment" to the LT. Governor's spot. Pat Quinn should leave the spot empty. It is an empty spot to begin with and Sheila Simon wants to fill that void with her onion-skinned talents. The Lt. Governor job is one that Sheila Simon believes that she can really sink her teeth into . . .unlike the Illinois Reform Commission.

CHICAGO -- The daughter of late U.S. Sen. Paul Simon has submitted her application to be the next Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor.

Okay! Chris Kennedy seems to laying in weeds after being appointed to the University of Illinois Board.

Sheila Simon is a former member of the Carbondale City Council and a member of Gov. Pat Quinn's government reform commission.
She calls her chances of being named the nominee "a long shot." But she says she's committed to helping the Democrats secure a victory this fall.

The Democratic Party began accepting applications this week from people who want to replace primary winner Scott Lee Cohen on the ballot. Cohen has left the race.

More than 175 applications had been submitted as of Saturday afternoon.

Party officials say no timeline has been set to pick a candidate.

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