Monday, March 22, 2010

Neil Steinberg: A Dip's Quips on Lip Dis-ing Dip.

. . . sort of like a guy who crashes your party turning around and complaining about the dip.
Neil Steinberg on Congressman Lipinski's vote of conviction against Obama Care.

Really? I invited the Certitude-Neutral Columnist to lunch among the helots and he rewarded us with universal insult.

An univited guest can be sure to cause no end of mischief. The mistake is in asking the worthless to join you.

Dan Lipinksi, lunch and rounds are on us!


Dusty said...

Apparently Neil Steinberg, advocate-in-chief of tolerance of opinion, doesn't want to allow others to have their own opinions. More importantly, and believe me, I am no fan of Dan Lipinski, but more importantly, those who are pro-life believe that abortion is murder. Therefore, it's perfectly logical to vote against any piece of legislation they think spends tax dollars - or even enables - murder. I disagree with that view, but I respect it. Somehow, Steinberg can't see it.

pathickey said...

Thanks Dusty.

I am now a fan of Congressman Lipinski. Cynics suggest that he was allowed to slide on this vote.

I see it as genuine political courage.