Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jan Schakowsky named to Death Panel . . .Debt Panel . . .same thing

Joining her Chinaman Andy Stern on President Obama's "presidential commission to figure out ways curb the federal debt and deficit have been filled." is none other than Rod Blagojevich's best pal . . .until the Feds cuffed him . . .MSNBC softball guest . . .staff and Asian help abuser "Do You know who I am? I'm Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky now get me what I ask!" ( back to the old Giannoulias for Treasurer Campaign Days, sigh.) . . .Felon Spouse and Turkish Delight . . .Jan Shakowsky!!!!!

VAT - Value Added Tax - The Euro-Chic Path to State Life! is on its way.

Jan Shakowsky is also sharpening her back-stabbing blades to make the right incision between Alexi Giannoulias's shoulder blades. The Bank Bankruptcy Bothered Boetian Giannoulias is considered a huge liability by Illinoi Progressives and they abort! Kill it before birth!

Way to go, Jan! I am guessing that Alexi will be bought off or bludgeoned before the Easter Bunny drops the plastic sweets on the White House lawn.

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Lucky Archer - Lakis Velotris said...

Did Illinois Giannoulias, Florida's Crist, California's Angelides and New York's Gianaris apply Greek budgeting techniques like Sarbanes Oxen? Greek Ponzi fourfold Eurodefecit boasts Trojan Horse Perfidy, Klephth Brigandage. Upset that industrious Albanians invaded their lazy, gungrabbing, babykilling homeland, the soviet-churched Greeks vindictively hire, house and promote illegals. As quakes render their homes disposable, Greeks are oblivious to the very concept of maintenance. Instead of blaming environmetalists for fires and socialists for deficits, Greek dmeagogues seek scapegoats. Olympia Snowjob supports Obamacare and abortion because of her gangreen patriarch (Is Orthodox Christianity progressive? Michelle Boorstein Washington Post 11-4-09 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew spoke about the spiritual imperative for nonviolence, universal health care and reducing consumption to help the environment.) Palamite Zealotes massacred Thessalonian aristocracy in preparation for Cantacuzene usurpation via hesychast hyperventilatory hallutination. This soviet socialism motivated Anatolian farmers to embrace Turks in the 1400s to avoid redistributative taxation and then for liberated mainlanders to migrate to Smyrna in the 1800s. int gonna vote for Do Kaka Zote!