Monday, March 15, 2010

Heather Steans and Chicago Teachers Union Toss More C.R.A.P. Than a Busted Kohler!

Chicago Residency Angers Progressives! C.R.A.P.!

You work on the public dime then live with the folks who pop for your dimes.

Why, Il. Sen. Heather Steans, no-less a Progressive Fixed Smiler than Heather Steans is championing our Chicago Teachers Union! Heather Steans smiles more than Joan Rivers. Why not? Happy to help! Now, Heather's bio tells that she was born in Lake Forest ( a metaphor of ethnic and racial diversity in itself!) and worked as a Chicago Public School teacher. That means that Heather Steans needed to move into Chicago. Heavens! Heather still lives in Chicago -can't be all that bad.

Catalyst reports that Marilyn Stewart's Chicago Teachers Union 'demands' a change in residency for Union Members.

Are you a Union? Yes. Are you a committed educator who will do anything for the children? Now, that's a gummy one!

Heather Steans, who had been on the board of the Steans Family Foundation, and continues is a Progressive go-to-girl for Gay Marriage Pushes, Planned Parenthood Baby Barbeques and SEIU boondoggles. Hence that frozen smile. Steans is one of those dopes that Progressives always seem to gush about -"Ain't She Great?" Really, great how? Her legislation that she is try to push past Honest John Cullerton reflects a diminished if not absent intellectual capacity altogether. Great capacity for slinging C.R.A.P.!

Steans is pushing to free the Teachers! What a ton of C.R.A.P. - the sole diet of the Progressive since John Dewey smoked corn silk. Cops, Streets and Sanitation Workers, Foremen, and white collar municipal workers - any one drawing pay from the City of Chicago -my neighbors - must live within the City Limits.

The swell Chicago Public Schools need the teachers close by and comfortable in proximity to their pay envelopes.

Residency requirements for Chicago teachers are back on the Springfield agenda, this time with an unlikely sponsor.

State Sen. Heather Steans says she was able to convince Sen. President John Cullerton to extend the deadline for SB 3522, a bill that would scrap the rule requiring teachers in traditional Chicago public schools to live within the city limits. Mayor Richard M. Daley has long defended the requirement, established in 1996, as a way to try and beef up the city housing market and keep teachers close to the communities they serve.

Should Steans successfully move the bill out of the Senate Executive Committee next week, she believes it could reach a vote on the Senate floor—the first time a residency bill has done so.

Charter school principals do not have the same residency restriction.

“Principals in regular schools shouldn’t be hamstrung,” contends Steans, suggesting the rules unfairly restrict the pool of teacher talent from which principals can hire. “I don’t think it is sound education policy.”

The Chicago Teachers Union says the residency requirement can put members in a tight financial bind, especially during the recession.

“What happens to a teacher if they have to move in with a relative in the suburbs [for financial reasons]?” asks CTU lobbyist Traci Cobb-Evans. She notes that only Chicago teachers would face termination of their employment in that situation.

Why, Traci Cobb-Evans ! You are a LuLu!!! Teacher can't move to the suburbs. Not allowed. They move in with Cousin in Merl in Peotone and they lose the Dough-Ray-Me!

1. Housing market will be fixed by Heather Steans once Teachers are no Long Required to live in the City? You mean all the blighted and vacant housing that would follow the absence of a Residency Rule?

2. Hard Times for CPS Teachers????? If I made their money,I'd throw mine away!

3. Teachers can't move to the suburbs! TS! Tell Steans.

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